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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Art 芸術 Tattoo 入れ墨 Culture 文化

I must admidt that I am amazed by the intense interest in the subject of Tattoo's, first I would like to point out that Tattoo's have been part of all cultures at some stage in more or lesser degrees. From the Aboriginies in Australia to the Maui's on the Islands, to the Vikings in the North to the Idians in the South America's. Every culture has a some stage been deeply engaged in body modifications to certain extends. These days it seems that everyone has a Tattoo, even women have them now in much broader aspect than ever before. It has become a fashion for most people, it is like bying a ring that you never will part with. I feel that using your own skin as a canvas for creations of art is a very big decision to make. I feel that if you want to have a Tattoo done then it should mean something to you, not to anyone else. Hence the reason for me not being able to decide what I want. I can relate it to my custom bikes, today I feel like this kind of color and then next month I want something else...Last month I bought some new mirrors and this month I feel that I need a new pair of handle bars! It never stops, and I see that with people that have Tattoo's too, once they get one they almost always end up getting one or more after. So, I am just waiting for the right thing and time to do it. I also know that having Tatoo's as my friend Hiro has, has made his life very complicated. It is a kind of branding that you are given at first expression, it can be compared to racism. I have felt that first hand, many times in Japan, when being told straight to my face "Oi Gaijin...." And then whatever follows after that is just not worth writing about. But once people realize that you speak the language everything changes and doors that were closed now become wide open. With Tattoo's there are many doors that are closed, and no matter how humble or sincere you come across those doors stay closed. I know it has never been easy for Hiro to live in a country like Japan where the color of his skin is the constant reminder of the work he does. I don't even see the Tattoo's on him when I look at him anymore. Often we talk about it, because where ever he goes it becomes a easy topic. But once you get to know him, you will find out that he is truly an amazing person.
I see on the BBS that people still have some serious oppinions about what others do to their bodies, but why bother at all? Live and let live, we are entitled to do what ever we like. Who is to say what is correct, or what is wrong and what is right. I know many people that wear suits and are simply rotten to the core, but because they wear a suit does it make them correct. No, what I am trying to say is we as a people must learn to see the person inside, because it is not what we wear or what color our hair or skin is that matters, it is our actions that speak louder that anything else. So stay true to yourself and be honest to your friends then I am sure you will find happiness and riches in the world around you. What are we really talking about here, a bit of ink on the arms...


最近入れ墨話でBBSが熱くなっています、皆さん、坂を上っていきましょう。昔からどこの国にもありました、オーストラリアのアボリジニーからハワイのマウリーから日本のヤクザ、北極のバイキングからアメリカのインディアンから南米のインカまでどこの国に行っても体を使ってステータスのアピールや美しさを求めて入れ墨は使われていた。なので文化です!現在、世界中で若い人たちはファッションとしてよくいれることがあります、ちょう大物スター(Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Cage,他)も入れているのはほとんどです。しかし、日本では入れ墨の悪いイメージはヤクザの関係があります、それでも売れているタレントでも入れているひとたくさんいます、Chemistryのボーカルの一人、すみませんなまえは知らないです。たしかに日本で生活するのに困るときはあると思います、よくぶつかることはプールに入りたいと思うとか、サウナに行きたいと思うとき。後は一番キツイのは初対面で人の話を聞いてくれないのは一番困ると思います。その体に入れた芸術のせいで本人のことを見てくれない人はたくさんいます、自分はヒロさんとあう時は全然墨に目が行かないです。その話をしないと目に入らないです。本人はいろんな苦労をしたと思います、未だに友達を作るのに苦労するし。その選んだ仕事のせいでかなり差別を受けなければならないのは辛いと思います。僕は人生は自由で生きたいです、墨を入れたから何?自分のひふ、自分の体です、自分は決めることだと思います。僕はスーツを着ているサメたくさん知っています、そのサメたちよりも真剣に付き合ってくれる友達のほうは大切にしたいです。最終的に誰が決めるんですか?これは正しいとこれは間違い?これは正しいって言っている人たちは人のお金を集めて、銀座の飲み屋でフィーバーですよ!今はそういう国です。だからこぞ見た目で人を見ちゃ駄目だと思います、行動を見て判断したほうがいいと思います。人間の行動は何よりもその人間の性格は分かります。だってこれは何の話ですか?腕にちょっとした絵が書かれただけの話じゃないですか。。。