Friday, September 29, 2006

Nice Kick !

Sunday, September 24, 2006

2Round TKO. HEAT 2nd. 日本での復活!

Just got back to Tokyo, and it feels good to come home, yesterday I won my fight in HEAT 2nd. And although there was so many obstacles getting to the actual fight, I made it there in one piece and came home with a trophy! Winning was everything this time, I needed the win to show everyone here in Japan that I can fight. It was a good ring and the crowd was really pleased with the fight. The guy I fought was a lot bigger than me, so I thought that it might be a bit awkward but things turned out just alright. I hurt him good in the first round with my kicks, and then he didn't have much in the second round. It was just a question of time before I dropped him and he did go down, after coming up the second time his corner threw in the towel. And then it was all over, he did come after me with some big flying knees and things but I could see it all coming and just moved out of the way. It was just great to back in the ring in Japan, I really missed it.

今東京に帰ってきた、家でゆっくりとMoto GPを見ながら昨日の試合を振り返ってみた。やっぱり日本で試合するのは一番気持ちいいです。この前はSydneyで試合したばかりですけど、ケガは無かったのでそのまま練習を続くことは出来ました。最近は誰かが毎週試合があって本当に忙しかったです、二週前にRyo君が試合をして勝った、その前にKoichi君がMARSで勝った、先週はPeter K-1Oceania でAndrew Peck に勝った今週俺は勝った。最近本当にいい感じでTEAM SPIRITは活動している、このまま続けたいです。あれだけずーと練習をしてやっと楽しくなった。日本で試合をするのは、4年と3ヶ月です。。。長かったです。その間にいろいろがあって!だからこぞ試合は楽しみだった。あたたかい会場でリングに入って、帰ってきたって感じだった。もっと強くなったニコラスは長い旅から帰ってきた!みんなにありがとう、という一言だけは言いたいです。昨日セコンドをやってくれたハマダさんは何と11年間の付き合いがあって、初めてセコンドについてくれた!俺の練習相手として11年間をずーと付き合ってくれた本当にいいやつです。昔は空手の世界大会に向けて頑張ったときからずーとです。だれも追い込んでくれないときにハマダさんがいつも支えてくれたんだ、こういう話はたくさんありますが、とにかく試合が出来て、しかも勝って本当にうれしかったです。


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Heat 2 試合決定!


第8試合 メインイベント予定


Heat 2

place: Aichiken Budo Kan
Tel: 052-654-8541
Date:September 23rd. Saturday
Time: Fights Start 16:00
Scheduled for the 8.th. fight the Main Event


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


昨日NZから帰ってきました、Peter Graham選手はK-1 Oceania 予選大会第2でAndrew Peck選手と試合が決まっていたため一緒にAuklandまで行きました。最近は海外に行くようになってからきついたことがありまして、日本語がうてる もしくは日本語が読めるパソコンは無いです。そしてBlogをアップしたくっても英語でしか出来ないです、だから話はちょっと何日遅れるけど。Peter は2ラウンドでK.O.勝ちしました、1ラウンドではお互いにローキックをけりあっていた。そして最後の10秒でPeterのみぎフックが入ってなんぱっ つか連続撃ったけど倒れなかった。2ラウンドはコンビネーションを中心でローキックまでつけたら、相手はきれいに倒れました。みんなにほめられてケガをせ ずに帰ってこられて良かったです。自分はNZにいくのは初めてだったのでいろいろと楽しみにしていたら、結局ホテルから出ること無かったのでぜんぜん面白 くなかったです、自分も試合が近いから本当にホテル内のジムと部屋とレストランを一日何回行ったか覚えてないです。ま~俺も相手を倒してすこしゆっくりす ればいいかなと思います。体調は最高にいいです、早く戦いたいです。それと俺がNZに行っている間にXplosionはSRSで放送されたのを聞いてうれ しくなった、しかしあれは1ラウンドで相手を倒したことになっていたけど。。。本当は3ラウンドだった!でも、放送してくれただけでうれしかったです。 やっぱり今の新人は僕のこと知らないな~と思った、ニコペタ!って、いいんじゃない。。。?

ニコラス (ニコペタ)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

2nd. round K.O. Win for Peter Graham!

It was a good fight, Peter looked good in the first round although taking a few low kicks he didn't rush into anything. And coming out in the second round, he started flowing really well and some great lowkicks sent Andrew to the mat, the last things that got him was a well placed combination of hands followed by a strong kick. Andrew was hitting Peter with his lowkicks, and trying to work that angle but in the second round Peter just seemed to find his pace and once the combinations started flowing, there was not much to do. The event was actually broadcasted on the net and showed on National NZ TV ch.2, so it is getting a lot of attention over here. There was a good crowd and a great atmosphere in the Trust Stadium. Now it is back to Japan tomorrow and then I am on a show in Nagoya this coming Saturday!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Auckland K-1 Peter Graham Vs. Andrew Peck

Yes, I am in Auckland right now with Peter, we just got here today! It is my first time in New Zealand, so I am pretty exited about the whole thing. But at the end of the day it is just another fight show, we came over on the same airplane as Andrew and the actually spent some time catching up. They are both big boys, so seeing them together you can just imagine how the fight is going to be. Lot's of great energy, Peter is trained well for the fight and we just can't wait to get it on. I will keep you posted on what happens. Apart from that I watched this movie called "An inconvenient Truth" with Al Gore coming over here on the plane, and it moved me in a way I cannot explain. I mean the way it puts GLOBAL WARMING into perspective I am impressed that we can't just all get together and make this happen. I am a changed man since I saw it, I want to make this a better place and it gives you the message that, we all matter. It is all the small efforts that are going to make the bigger change, and that we need to start now before it is too late. I mean the issue has almost been ridiculed in the media, but the facts are not to be fooled around with. And the speak lound and clear about the extreme changes that our environment has been undergoing in just the last 50 years!!! Everyone who might be interested in any more of this watch the movie and join the cause. www.climatecrisis.net please help me, help yourself, and most important of all help your children! Their future depends upon us to start acting now, even the small things will make and have an impact on how we are going to spend our next 50 years...Global Warming is a real issue that needs to be addressed, and needs to be addressed right now.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2700 grams of pure life!

Today this morning the baby finally arrived, it was a long hard night for all of us but when it finally was over it was more than we could have hoped for. She came to the world around 11:00 o'clock today, and although we couldn't actually be there we were all hanging on waiting by the phone. I got called in this morning around 6:00 AM, and once I got to the hospital they told me that only immediate family were allowed inside...Feeling a bit sad about that I decided to drive home and spend the morning with my girls. So I made breakfast and had coffee with Keito, we watched a bit of TV and spoke about when the baby would come. After taking her to school I went back to bed and slept in until I got the message. Then we all drove out to the hospital and saw her, she was so small and cute. My girls were very exited about it all, and seeing a newborn baby for the first time since Angelina was born, was quite something. I almost miss having a small baby around the house...I said almost, if I had to go over it all once more, I don't know what I would do. But above all else, babies are so innocent and they have a whole life ahead of them. It is like a new beginning, a fresh start, life in it's purest essence. My friend、 well done!


今日の午前中に友人の小さな女の子が生まれました。何と2700グラムしかなかったです、生まれる前にお母さんのお腹をみてもうすぐ生まれるんだ よって考 えると不思議な感じです。さっき会いに行ってきました、本当に可愛いです。うちの子たちも一緒に行ってみてきました、何かうちの子たちもあんなに小さかっ たのかな~?片手で抱っこできる。。。今は一番したの子だってもうすぐ4歳になる、話せるようになってあっという間におきくなるから今の顔を良く覚えない と忘れる。新しい人生が始まる、子供も親も改めて再出発、さー頑張るんだよ!幸せに。。。


Monday, September 11, 2006

9.11 What a day to pick, 9.11まさか今日ですか?



9.11 is a day that we will all remember, it has become a day for taking extra care to be together with the People that are important for you. I hope that is one of the reasons for choosing this day of all others to choose from, that a friend of mine's baby has decided to come out and greet the world. I am just about to drive out to the hospital now, so hopefully I can give you all some good news soon...


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Winds of God, Kamikaze!

Finally the movie came out, and although I have been busy with training and being in Auissie-land I found the time to swing by the movie thearters yesterday and pick up a poster and pamplet. It brings back so many good memories, being on the set and working with all the guys there. Everyone were so passionate about the movie, I love movies, I love watching them and more than anything I love working on them. Acting is like the cream on the cake it's the best topping anyone could want. On a movie set everyone is working so hard to get the story right and everyone does their best, not because they are told to but because they truly want to. I don't know if there is any future for me in acting, but I would love to do more movies. Sorry for being so late in letting everyone know that the movie was out, but if you are quick then you can still catch it In Ikebukuro's Metropolitan Plaza until the 8th.


遅くなって申し訳ありません、もう映画館で上映中です!Winds of God、神風!僕は練習と試合でいろいろと忙しかったため、今になってきずきました。池袋メトロポリタンプラザの中の映画館でやっています、昨日はHISに用があって行ってみました。ポスターやパムフレットを手に入れて、胸が熱くなりました。いい思い出ばかりでした、今井さんをはじめみんなの情熱はたっぷり伝わる映画です。何と僕とWayne DosterさんはNew YorkとL.A.での撮影は忘れられないです。当時みんな家族感覚で一生懸命ストリーを伝わるため最高のチームになって、映画つくりに夢中でした。そういうチームワークは映画の現場ではいつもあるとはいえないけどやっぱり今井さんのよさでみんなをひっぱってくれたおかげだと思います。やっと完成が出来て、やっと映画館で見れてうれしいと思います。おめでとうございます!