Monday, November 27, 2006


RYO PETTAS K.O. win in Akita ! K.O. 勝利 in秋田

Just got back from Akita, which is a good 600km drive from Tokyo, and glad to tell you all that Ryo Pettas won his fight by a spectacular knock out. He was up against a more experienced fighter, but nothing was going to stop him yesterday. He had trained hard for the fight and was ready for a war. It was all over almost before it had started, the first round went according to plan and he was showing good motivation. Landing his punches but also taking a few hits, the fight was well matched. Until suddenly out of no where Ryo did a rolling kick and hit the opponent right in the face. One clean shot and it was all over, they had to carry out the guy because he couldn't stand up on his own. What a Knock Out! Well, done. I am going to try and find some pictures somewhere from the show, that I can post later. I was there not just to be the second but I also had a sparring exibition matchup with Nitta, it was really funny to actually have to face him in the ring. I have trained him so much and helped him out so much in his fights in the K-1 and all the other places he has fought, but to actually get to face him was just too weird. Although it is not a real fight, you can't help yourself wondering, what if...all in all it was a good day, I ended up driving 1200km over 2 days. I must admidt that I am glad that he won or all that driving would have been a paid in the a...! :)


昨日夜中1時に家に着いたんです、土曜日から秋田まで車で行ってロッジに泊まって日曜日に試合がありました。初めて出させていただいた大会だったんですけど、秋田のちょう田舎でもキックは燃えていました。自分は新田選手と2ラウンドのエキシビションマッチをやりました、これはまた面白かったです。今までの僕と新田さんの付き合いを振り替えてみると、あれだけスパーリングをやってきたとは言え、あれだけセコンドはやってきたとは言え、昨日はただのエキシビションとは言え。。。彼のリングインを見た瞬間、”ううわああ、新田選手だ~!”って感じしました。非常にいい経験は出来ました、ありがとうございました。お客さんも喜んでくれました、大技をバンバン出して、お互いにミドルキックを蹴り合った時も盛り上がりました!個人的にかなり楽しんでいました、これからも応援をしたいです。個人の話よりも、Ryo Pettas はすごいいい試合をしました、1ラウンドで全部終わりましたが、本当にいいカードでした。相手は身長大きかったけどRyoはスピードがありました、上手い具合にお互いの組み手は取れました。ラスト10秒で回転どうまわし蹴りを出して、いきなりノックアウト!すばらしいかった、この若いRyoは本当にどこまで強くなるのは楽しみです。頑張れよ!RYO PETTASみんな応援しているから!今回Dragon Gym代表佐藤さんにも大変お世話になりました、ありがとうございました。これからもよろしくお願いします!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Macau Xplosion !

I just spent the weekend in Macau, Peter Graham was fighting on the Macau Xplosion show. It was my second time to visit the gamble Island and I must admidt that because of all the gambling going on there, things move fast. I mean really fast! I was there just 2 years ago and it wasn't anything like what it is today. It was a pleasure to see that that the actual town is still keeping up and at the same time it is all the same. I mean you can meet the local people and have some great time trying to bargain your way to a better price, and then you can go around the corner and get a nice Mocha Frappacino at the local Starbucks! The air is bad, too many cars and bikes that are being brought in from Japan, and most of then would not be allowed on the street in Japan. So this causes a lot of pollution in the air and you feel it in your lungs even after just a few days. I whish they could do something about that, I mean after watching Mr. Al Gore's " An Inconvinient Truth" you start to look at the world with different eyes. I seriously think that there is something going on over there that needs a better look at. I was very impressed by the Hong Kong side, it is nothing like you expect it to be. Classy trains take you right into the center of the city, and the urban look that you have imprinted on your mind from "Enter the Dragon" is totally gone. Now to be replaced with the modern look of a city on the rise, in my mind almost a blend of what Rumania looked liked 10 years ago and Tokyo today! Oh, I almost forgot, the fights...Peter won in the second round on K.O. dropped the guy with lowkicks 3 times and then it was all over. Good warmup for the real deal this weekend, in Aukland where he is fighting Doug Vinnie. I was scheduled to go over there for that one too, but as life has it I have to work here in Japan! Bummer, but my work with him is done, all he has to do now is execute the plan. In the main event we say Clifton Brown try to snatch the title away from Nathan Corbett. But Nathan was just too fast for him, dropped him in the second round with a punch and that was all she wrote. That was his first time to actually defend his WBC world Muay Thai title in the cruiser weight class -86kg's Well done Mate, hope to see you soon again.


マカオに行ってきました、ピーターグラハムはXplosionMacauで試合をすることになっていたので、セコンドとして行かせてもらいました。マカオは今回二回目だった、前回は2年前だった。そのときと今回は大きく町は変わっていました、カジノはふえている、ふえればふえるほど町にお金が入る。お金が入ればどんどん良くなっていく、現在カジノの数は35店ぐらいですが2008か2010年までは65店まで増やす予定です。今回とまっていたカジノの目の前は新しく作るメガーシティーって言うカジノを立て始まっている、それは何と世界一番大きいカジノになる予定です。部屋の数は3000を超えるらしい!本当のメガです。しかし、空気は汚い、息は辛い。鼻とのどはかれる、のどはすぐに痛くなった。あまり外で歩かないほうがいいような気がした、しかしセンターには普通の町はあります。普通に買い物が出来るのでそのギャップは面白かったです。ちょっとした裏道に入れば別な世界は待っているので、そこは英語は使えないけど金では何とかなる。また、ほとんどどの店に行っても値段を高く言っているので値下げをお願いすれば、下げてくれるんだ。何も買う気がなくっても下げてくれるのも面白いです。まーあの町は5年したら全然違うと思いますが、まだまだ今は可愛い街って感じです。そうだ!大会の話。。。ピーターはもちろんK.O.勝ち、2ラウンドでローキック3回ゆうき選手をたおしまして。K.O.でした、思うような試合はこびかたじゃなかったため、いろいろと反省点があったから今週のK-1に向けてちょうどいい経験は出来たんじゃないかと思います。メインではネーザン コーベット選手のWBCぼうえいせん、これも2ラウンドでK.O.勝ち、何といってもネーザンはかっこいいです。早く日本での試合は見たいです。


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Xplosion in Macau this Saturday


Thursday, November 02, 2006


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Shizuoka Sumo! 静岡相撲大会!



Recently my company sponsored a Sumo tournament in Shizuoka, so I spent 2 days there with all the other Sumo wrestlers. It was a really nice Hotel, with old style traditional Onsen(hot springs) And it was quite the experience to be in a place filled with real sumo wrestlers, I mean it didn't matter where you went you would bump into someone. Waiting at the elevator and then getting in the elevator, someone would be there, getting out you would meet someone and then taking a bath the place was filled with big guys. It made me feel really fit and small, it was great. It was really the first time that I have ever felt small in Japan. if I go on a train my head is above most and generally walking down the street I am pretty big in Japan. Back in Denmark I am pretty short and most of my highschool friends are taller than me, but in Japan I have a good size. So you can guess how it was to actually feel small being in Japan! They get up real early those guys, we made our way to the Budo hall just after 6 and by then the training was full on. The first thing we saw was guys in Mawashi's walking around the hall outside, and then once inside all the wrestlers were going for it at each other. And that training just kept going on and on all morning. By 8:00 AM. the doors were opened and the people started coming in, by nine the place was packed and the training just kept going on and on. The didn't finish until after 11:00, and by then all the wrestlers had been up there getting dirty and sweaty. The Grand Champion is from Mongolia and his name is Asasyoryu, when he walks in there is a mayor change in the whole atmosphere. It is almost like you know that the Champ is there, people perk up and stretch their necks to get a better look, the other wrestlers pump up the notch in the training. It was just great to see the whole thing. It was my first time to see it all like that, and I felt really priviledged. I have been lucky enough to actually meet quite a few of the Grand Champions, but it was the first time for me to actually see it up close and live like that. It gave me a whole new kind of respect for the Sumo. I actually wanted to become a sumo wrestler when I was younger, I thought that I might try to enter after I had finished the Karate Uchi Deshi...But by the time I had finished, there was a lot of controversy about the strong foreing wrestlers and I was so caught up in the Karate fighting that I had pushed my dream aside. But seeing it again, I think it could have been really fun. You never know where life is going to take you, sitting here in my house writing this makes me think about how true that really is. I wonder how I ended up here, and still think about what is to come and where I will be 5 years from now. Maybe even 10 years! But that is the pleasure of living, there is always a challenge around the corner, and I am not about to say no to a good old fashioned challenge. Thank you all Sumo wrestlers for making me see that there is so much more to life, and no matter how many times they knock you down all you really can do is just get back up and dust yourself off and try again.