NICHOLAS PETTAS BLOG: The Dynamic Duo ! 筋トレ復活!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Dynamic Duo ! 筋トレ復活!

Yep, we are back in action, Mark Ginther came back to Japan recently and we started doing weights yesterday. I spent a good month hardly doing anything but CO2 tanks visits and supersonic exercises for my arm, but then about 2 weeks ago I started running slowly again. And things really picked up in pace when I realized that I could put some strenghtening tube training in together with my running. I then moved on to working out with some small dumbbells and stuff, it's cool how you can almost feel the arm and hand getting better on a daily base. Like when I first started to ride my bike I could hardly hold the handle bar, but now I have no problem breaking or riding at all. And although it feels like it has been quite a while already it is truly only 6 weeks ago, I think that I am doing excellent progress. I had this soft cast that I could take on and off, but I have not put it on my arm for the last 5 or 6 days now. Of course I still can't start punching or anything yet, but I am shadow boxing, kicking the bag and skipping again. So it is starting to really look like something, I hope that I will get ready for the next fight soon. Now that I am back again, it is so much more fun to meet the fans. Yesterday I was out playing with the kids in a game center, when a lady old enough to be my grand mother came over and asked me in English "Excuse me! Are you Nicholas Pettas ?" and after saying Yes, then her whole family came over and wanted to take some pictures. parting with them was nice 'cause they wished me good luck with my next fight, and I do have a next fight coming up! Anyway, if anyone wants to check out who Mark Ginther is, then here is a link to his MYSPACE,

He is available for personal lessons in Tokyo at the moment, so if you are interested then drop him a line. I vouch that he is the most dedicated strength coach that I have ever worked with. And being the reporter for Full Contact Fighter covering the Pride shows, he is also very much up to date with Martial Arts. It works out very good for both of us, because we are both very competitive and dedicated. I am just a bit out of it because of my arm, but I am doing what I can to get back into hard shape again. I don't think it will take long before I start to push him to his limits again...


最近マーク ギンザーが日本に戻ってきたんです、彼と長い付き合いで筋トレをしてきました。昨日からその筋トレはまた復活しました。以前はお互いに負けず嫌いで筋トレのときにパートナーというよりもライバルで思い切り頑張っていました。そういうパートナーは一緒にトレーニングをするとすごく伸びるんです。だから、今年は筋トレでマークさんに追い込んでもらって、ジムではピーターやほかの選手に追い込んでもらって。今年はかなりいいトレーニングは出来ると思います。昨日はそんなに追い込んだというよりも、腕の調子を見ながら筋トレやったんですが何と思っていたよりも出来た。これはまた面白いです、よく考えるとまだ6週間しかたってないです。早いと思います、たくさん超音波とさんそカプセルをやっていたおかげだと思います。同じ日に同じ骨折した秋山選手の腕はいまどんな感じですかね?バイクに乗り出してもう二週間がたっているけど、毎日うでが良くなっているのは感じる。ここまでくれば本当に楽になった。ジムでは普通に走れるし、サンドバッグはもう蹴ってるしシャドーと縄跳びは出来るようになったし。早くミットはやりたいですけどもう少し待ったほうがいいです。次の試合を目指しているのは楽しくってしょうがないです。昨日は子供とゲームセンターに行ったらおばあさんに声をかけられたんです。”アー ユー ニコラス?”Yesと答えたら、やっぱりそうです青い目のサムライですよ!写真とっていいですか?次の試合も頑張ってくださいって言う言葉で別れました。それはすごくうれしい言葉でした、次の試合はありますから気持ちよかったです。今年はちょっとスロースタートだったかもしれないけどまだまだやることはたくさんあります。ちなみにマーク ギンザーさんは今東京にいますので、パーソナルレッソンを受けたい方はこのMYSPACEのリンクで彼と連絡取れます。