Monday, April 23, 2007

Titans in Korakuen

よく頑張ったな~と思いました、1ラウンドは上手く戦えたと思いました。2ラウンドは天田選手のロー!!!にきかされた。そこからは我慢対決に見えました、しかし天田選手の方はやはり試合の運び方上手でした。お互いにいい経験は出来たんじゃないか、明日Willは帰るし。自分はハワイに行くし、また試合!今度はピーター グラハムVS. ジェリル べネシャンK-1ハワイ大会のリサーブマッチ。自分は戦わないので海に行ってイルカと泳ぎたいだけです。:)


Well, it was a tuff fight! Will did really good in the 1st. round, and hurt Amada real good with the lowkicks. But in Amada's last fight he had gotten dropped with lowkicks and been training a lot of cutting the lowkicks. So he was a lot better at blocking them this time around, and then he did what Will didn't expect. He started to kick him back!!! Yep Amada really went for Will's back leg with hard low kicks, after that it was mostly like a Rocky movie except it was with low kicks. Amada turned out to be that bit more experienced, and walked away the winner. That one over we are already getting ready for the next one, tomorrow I leave for Hawaii and then it is Peter Graham Vs. Jerrel Venetian in the reserve match for the K-1 Hawaii tournament. Since I am not fighting I just intend to go to the Ocean and have a swim with the dolphins...


Friday, April 20, 2007

Bambinaccio は帰ってきた!

久しぶりに会うとやはりうれしいです、僕は4年近く面倒を見たので本当の弟みたいなもんです。Will Rivaとたくさん練習をしたし、いろんなことは学んだなー。お互いにひっぱたり、押したりしていたことを思い出すと本当に懐かしいです。合宿は一緒に行ったりしていたし、ジムの中でもよくみんなと遊んでくれました。指導も上手いし、この前の12月で一段帰ったんですけど兄弟ですからどんなに離れても心は近いです。育ってて立派な選手になって国に帰ってTEAM SPIRITの名を上げてもらいたいです。今回はTITANSに出るために短期間で来日、それと何と相手は元K-1Japan王者天田選手との試合です。練習はたくさんしてきたので頑張って成長したRivaはみたいです。この前LeBanner をたおしたさわやしき君と前に試合したときは何とK.O.勝ちをしている!今回も日本で名前をうるチャンスの試合ですので、すごい頑張ると思います。後楽園4月22日Titansのチケットはほとんど売り切りですけど、良かったら当日券を買って見に来て下さい。


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mr. Yoshiyuki ! of Yoshiyuki

I sort of got side tracked the other day with my weird bbs entry, but here I am back on track. I thought that I would introduce you to Mr. Yoshiyuki Ogata. He is the brains behind this very innovative brand, personally he has been doing Karate for as long as he can remember. And loving the strong heart that it gives you, he feels that it is part if his heritage to continue his study in the way of Budo. From the first time I met him I felt attracted to his strong pride in creating a brand that is based on such a firm foundation. The designs derive from the feeling of wearing an actual Dogi, and are direct descendants of the Mon-tsuki Hakama that were worn by Samurai. I love the way he takes pride in being a Japanese brand, and uses his deep understanding for Karate to engage in designs that create patterns not seen elsewhere. He is in the moment of designing my fight shorts and other items that I can wear. So I am very exited about the outcome. If you happen to be in Japan and want to check out his store then swing by in Harajuku.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

1 Round K.O. WIN !



Well done Maruyama! Dropped the guy 3 times in the first round, to get a K.O. win.


MARS in DIFFER today

This is Maruyama, he has been training hard for a long time and today some of all that training might just pay off. He is going to fight in the MARS event in Differ today, and I am just about to get in my car and drive out there and hook up with the boys. I hope that he does well! It was a bit of a sudden call in but even with the short notice he is ready.
Oh, about the weird answer that I wrote last night on the BBS, what can I say? Don't drink and drive. It just doesn't get you anything good in life. Sorry about that one, I guess that we are all human and when drunk we end up doing things we are not quite in control of. I was way out of line and admit that. I thought about deleting it, but that would not really solve the problem. Anthony you deserve better than that, I apologize for my stupidity! Pat, you are always welcome here and I am honored by your continued support and interest. And to all whom have ever cruised in on this site, thank you for your support and interest. You have all made me who I am, and I continue to try harder to live up to your expectations. I hope you can accept me for who I am with or without the faults that I sometimes make. This is who I am, and I can't change that for better or for worse. But I am not afraid to admit it when I made a mistake, and a mistake it was.

Saturday, April 14, 2007





Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What am I doing in this shop? この店では何をしているの?

Monday, April 09, 2007

この人たちは何を見ているの?What are they looking at?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Elmo the " Bambinaccio"

Is coming back to Japan to fight this month, he went back home at the end of last year but we are all like family. So when the opportunity came along to get him a fight in Japan, we pounced on it and so he is making his way back here. Although it is just for a short trip I am sure it will be good for all of us to get together. I was just going through a few of our old pictures and he just seemed to be in a whole bunch of shots. And for some reason so does Peter Graham...It makes me wonder what those two guys are up...? We don't train in that gym anymore, but seeing those shots brings back a lot of memories. Good luck at the "TITANS" on April 22nd. in Korakuen.
"Bambinaccio" は久しぶりの日本で試合が決まりました、Riva君は昨年の12月に国に帰ってしまった。そして、今回は"TITANS"でしあいお話はをいただきましたときに是非Riva君を出したいとのことでした。Teamのメンバーはみんな久しぶりに会うのを楽しみにしている、暑い応援は出来ると思います。皆さんも時間が合えば4月22日19:00~後楽園に来て下さい。上の写真はたまたまパソコンにあったもんでアップしました。そのジムではもう練習していないですけど懐かしく感じました。。。試合頑張ってね!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Shibata Dental Clinic!

この前家族でShibata dental clinic(柴田歯科)に行きました、柴田先生と僕は長い付き合いがありまして。そして、僕の歯をずーと見てもらっているけど、今回は子供の歯を見てもらうことにしました。初めてだったので子供は興味はもちろんあるけど、なんとなく怖いって感じだった。行く前からみんなで話し合って怖くないように面白くしてみたけど、やっぱり行くと虫歯を治すとただ見てもらうと話はだいぶ違う。そこで、先生の子供に対しての優しさをみて本当に上手と思いました。いろんなものを触らせて信頼を作り上げて、一番怖いちゅしゃだって平気だった。自分の子供のときを思い出すと未だに歯医者はいやだと思う。学校でみんな並ばされて、”ハイ!次だ~”みたいな感じで、まっすいなしで口の中で思い切りドリルをやられたんです。痛かったです、怖かったです、いやだった。しかし、柴田先生と娘の姿をみて本当に安心したというよりも。感動しました、これで歯医者とのいい始めての出会いだったので娘は自身もってくれたので歯医者は怖くないって言っている。ある意味ではうらやましいです、多分世界中に歯医者はすきって言う人は少ないと思うけど、それは初めての出会いの問題だとすごく感じました。これからは子供みんな柴田先生に見てもらいたいと思いました。正直下手なところにつれてけないです。先生はすごく忙しいですので予約はなかなか取れない理由も分かりますけど、待つ価値は絶対にあります。最近このホームページも出来たんですが良かったらたすねて見てください。http://www.shibatadentalclinic.com/


So I wanted to talk about my Dentist today. Last week I took the whole family to Shibata Sensei's clinic, it was the first time for all of us to go and since my oldest daughter had a bit of a bad tooth. I was a bit nervous of the outcome. I knew that we would have to fix it, but the memories I have as a kid getting my teeth fixed at the school dentist. Are not exactly the fondest ones. "Next! come over here and lie down. Oh, you have a hole here we have to fix!" And then this humongous lady would hold my head down and just make sure that I could not move, and then came all the drilling!!! Needless to say that when I decided to have my teeth fixed I was not looking forward to it. But even I feel really secure going to Shibata Sensei's clinic, I can lie down and just give myself over to his hands. I just know that he will do his best. And that is what I saw when he worked on my daughter, he spoke to her in calm tones and showed her all the instruments he was going to use. After he explained everything to her, he made her make the decisions of if he could work on her teeth or not. Even when it came to the most scary needle he had already built up so much trust that she wasn't afraid, and could work through it. I was genuinely impressed with his methods. And after that all the girls were not afraid and now they want to go back. I wish I could have grown up with such a relationship with my dentist, I think that there is a world wide fear of dentist's and it is the reason so many people wait so long when they do have a bad tooth. So that when they finally go to the dentist it is no longer just a cavity but it is a root canal that has to be fixed...Well, anyway here is the link if you want to check it out. http://www.shibatadentalclinic.com/