Saturday, September 29, 2007

Can you believe the size of this thing?


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Spirit Gym ! Renewal Open !

We have recently moved " The Spirit Gym" to Gold's Gym Harajuku. And one of my more loyal students had a friend of his make us sign to hang on the door. I really liked it, and have decided to use it during our class. I would like to say thank you Yastei-san.
Training schedule is Wednesday 19:00~21:00 Saturday 18:00~20:00, free trial lessons are always welcome. Ask at the GOLD'S GYM HARAJUKU for more information.

最近GOLD'S GYM HARAJUKU 店にThe Spirit Gymを移転させていただきまして、新しい練習スケジュールは水曜日19:00時~21:00時、土曜日18:00~20:00ですので、詳しい話はGOLD'S GYM HARAJUKU店まで問い合わせてください。近いうちにホームページは新しく変わりますのでよろしくお願いします。それと、この看板は生徒さんの友人は書いてくれました、僕敵にはかなりいいと思いまして、ジム内の看板として使わせてもらいます、ヤスティーさん、ありがとうございます。

Tuesday, September 18, 2007



Friday, September 14, 2007

Pizza Man !

そうなんです、最近は自分でPizzaつくりにはまっています!今回紹介するPizzaはミートラバーズ(Meat Lovers)って言う勝手なネーミングにしてしまった。Pizzaの難しいのはトッピングではなくきじは難しいです。しかし、何度も失敗をしながら、最近は家族みんな美味しいって言うってくれます!子供まで文句なし。。。ちょっとした自慢話です。去年はチョコムーズに挑戦したけど、甘くってちょっとした失敗。今度は何に朝鮮しおかまだ決めてない。

Check it out, lately I have been experimenting with making my own Pizza's. It is really fun and you get to work on the dough, mix everything up and then into the oven. You wont know if it tastes any good, until it comes out but like I say about life it is not about getting there. It is about the journey getting there, and there is kind of a journey in making a Pizza. This last one I named Meat Lovers, because I put on just about any kind of meat I could find in the fridge. It was really yummy and even the kids said that it was all good, and you know how honest kids are. If it is bad they will tell you, but No, this time they were fighting over the last piece...Last year I tried a few things like chocolate mousse, but it ended up too sweet and was a bit of a fiasco. But if anyone got any good ideas for something fun to make then bring it on. I am willing to broaden my horizons, now that I feel I can actually make a decent Pizza...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

16日J-Network Koichi Pettas

Koichi Pettasは日曜日のJ-Network in Differ, トーナメントの決勝戦に出るので応援をよろしくお願いします。自分の練習相手としてもう3年がつずいています、彼は本当に良く頑張った。日曜日は初めてチャンピョンになれるチャンスが来たので、ぜひものにして欲しいです。アイ ベリーブ!

J-NETWORK「Championship Tour of J 2nd」2007年9月16日(日)東京・ディファ有明開場14:30 開始15:00

Don't Miss It !

Saturday, September 08, 2007

見つかりました!I found it !

I actually found the camera that I thought that I had lost, there were a lot of great pictures in it. So I am really glad that someone very dear to me looked behind the sofa and found it...This shot is of me and my brother checking out some sights in Hong Kong. It was taken at the local ferry that takes you from Hong Kong side to Kowloon side.
And here I thought that I would take the opportunity to show you all the great camera man, Simen Kjellin ! It is he whom has taken the cool picture on my previous blog. He was very quick to join the team and as you can see he looks great in a Team Spirit t-shirt.
この人はSimen Kjellinって言うカメラマンなんですけど、香港大会に来てもらって自分の取材をしました。今度デンマークの格闘技雑誌にのせるためかっこいい写真をとるようにいろんなところでとってくれました。彼は本当にいい人ですぐにTeam Spirit のシャーツプレセンとしたら着替えてくれました。今度かれがとってくれた写真をこのホームページで使うつもりでいます。http://www.simenkjellin.no/ では彼がとった写真を見れます。

This is what one of the sides of the City looks like? I am not sure if it is Kowloon side or Hong Kong side, but it is packed. Ryoma, from Team Spirit, tried to convince my brother and I, that there is a little guy that sits on one side of the city and controls the flow of lights on the buildings. It did look pretty the darker it got, but that sounds way too far fetched for me...
これはどっちか分からないけど香港サイドかカウルーンサイド、夜になるときれいですけど、リョマ君(Team Spirit)はこう言った。ある場所にまちのライトをコントロールをする小さな中国人がいるって?たしかに夜になるときれいですけど、それはないな~

Monday, September 03, 2007

I finally got the pictures from Hong Kong !

This was shot a day before the fight with Peter Aerts, we didn't have a place to train so we did it in front of the elevator. I would like to show more, but I can't at this moment, because I have to wait until after they have been used in a Danish Martial Arts Magazine which you can find here, http://www.fightermag.dk/ But they have been nice enough to give me the pictures, which is very nice of them. I hope to renew the site a bit with some of the awesome shots that Simen took. You can find him here on this site, http://www.simenkjellin.no/ Anyway, I was very exited about how everything seemed to come together. I hope that we can collaborate again in the future.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Old Interview !