Monday, June 30, 2008

The SMOKERS PARTY! July 25th.in ZEST Ebisu

VIP seats are already SOLD OUT


VIP席はすでに全部Sold Outです。下のリンクでチケット購入できます、よろしくお願いします。


Tickets to be bought here at this link.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

K-1 Fukuoka !

I am just watching the fights from K-1 Fukuoka, on the satellite channel 721. They show everything live and it is a great opportunity to see the fights, and feel like you are actually there at the arena. Apart from the fact that I have my own toilet and can go and grab drinks and snacks at my own convenience, I feel like I am there watching the event. :) Badr Hari just knocked out Glaube Feitosa! I have fought both of them and know how strong they are, but I would never have imagined that the fight would be over in the first round! I think Badr might go all the way this year, looking at the way he has been fighting lately he deserves it all the way. Oh, what am I saying, that is of course until he gets to face me again...

Central Market ! セントラルマーケット様

I was checking out the website from Central Market when I found this link to an interview with Koichi! We have a long relationship with Central Market, and I have been sponsored by them for quite some time now. We actually started the event SMOKERS PARTY as an attraction for their end of the year party, and now we have brought our little child up to what the event is today.Soon we are going to start our next project, and although I can't tell you about the details of the project yet, it is a project that has been born out of the heart and soul of Japan. I am sure you will like it, but please wait a bit before asking me about it. Central Market is going in with the full wind in their sails, and I am personally exited about the whole thing like I have not been in ages. I am having a good year, things are starting to come together just fine. All the people I have been meeting this year all have given me a lot of energy and I am sure that I have also given back a lot of my own. It is an awesome feeling when you feel that your life is getting pulled in the right direction, it is almost like you are a magnet and all the other magnets out there that are on the same wave length just come together.

セントラルマーケットのサイトを見ていたらこんなコウイチ ぺタスの取材を発見しました。Check it out! セントラルマーケットさんと長い付き合いでお互いに出来ることを合わせていろんなプロジェックトをやっています。SMOKERS PARTYも社内イベントで始まったんのでここまで一緒に育ててくれました、これからもいろんなことを一緒にやってきたいです。まだ、皆さんには次のプロジェックトの内容は書けませんけど、本当に心にひびくような世界に向けている日本のソウルと文化をもとにしていることをやろうとしています。僕も久しぶりに興奮しています、これからも注目してください。近いうちにみんなに話せると思います。今年はいい年です、僕にとって本当にいい人ばかりに囲まれている気がします。みんなは同じような目標を持つ同士で磁石みたいに自然と近ついたりしています。僕はいろんな人からパワーをもらったりして自分のパワーもあげたりして、お互いに支えながら上を目指して頑張っているのは本当に気持ちいいです。

Saturday, June 28, 2008

本当に来ちゃった! He really showed up!


If you have been reading the comments on this Blog, then you might have noticed that a certain person called, Naito-san has been asking to come to my gym and take a picture together. Well, when I was teaching the Kids Class yesterday he showed up and although I was a bit busy. Teaching and then I was trying to secure some tickets to go to Hawaii next month, we sat down in the office and I gave him a signed photo. So keep cheering me on, I am going to need all the support I can get next time.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Team Pettas Vs. LA Gym Team Fujita

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Protein shakes!


I was asked to show some of my other variants of shakes, so here is today's shake. Ice cubes, water, 2 scoops chocolate protein(low carb), frozen strawberries, frozen melon cubes. It makes a creamy kind of cocktail and goes down real well, I rate it a 8.5. In the old days I used to hate taking protein powder, because it tasted bad and was hard to mix. But then I got myself a mixer and all my worries were over, I enjoy these meal replacements all the time and with the variety of shakes to make, I never really tire of it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The real Mad Max!

実話マッド マックス!?っていう雑誌の取材を昨日ジムでやりました、次回のSMOKERSのプロモーションとK-1ハワイ大会に向けての話でした。これは、練習前にとった集合写真です。雑誌は’08.7.7発売ですので是非買ってください、僕はカラーページで出ていますが、今回はちょっとハードの雑誌ですので僕も帽子をかけたまま撮影しました。Don't Miss It!ちなみに次回のSMOKERSのチケットはもうすぐ発売されますので注目してください。それで、この前未成年はイベントに行ってもいいですかって言うことを聞かれました、それは大人と一緒であれば大丈夫と思いますがお酒は飲ませないですのでご注意ください、よろしくお願いします。There is a magazine in Japan called "The Real Mad Max", and they came to the gym yesterday and did an interview about the next SMOKERS event and the fights in K-1 Hawaii. It is a bit of a ruff magazine for the sub cultures of Japan, the wanna be real Mad Max's out there, so I wore some clothes according to it and took some nice shots at the gym. This was during the photo shoot were the whole team lined up, if they are all lucky then they will be in the magazine too. It will be on sale this July 7th. so if you happen to swing by a book store around then, please pick up a copy! And then about the SMOKERS on the 25th. of July, tickets will be on sale soon, so keep checking here for updates if you are planning on coming.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Metal Gear

昨日夜、練習が終わって、子供を寝せましてやっと一人でテレビの前に座ることが出来てSolid Snakeを手に入れて第一話を終わらせました!自分は一番ハードのレベルでやっているけど、武器のバラエティーははんぱじゃないし。グラフィックは最高にかっこいいし本当にリアルです、もしかしてリアルすぎるかも。。。戦争ゲームと分かっているけど、ちょっとリアルすぎる。だから、Snakeはやられると自分もやられる気分です。しかし、仲間はSnakeの助けを求めているので僕はあきらめられないです、最後まで行くしかないあのビッグ・ボスを倒して世界平和を目指さないといけないです。それを出来るのはSnakeだけです。。。完ぺきゲームに吸い込まれているよね?一話はイラクの国見たいな町の中で戦争していましたけど、第二話はSnakeらしくジャングル、しかも南米のジャングルに戻りました。これから、昔気に入っていたメイリン?ハワイと中国のハーフを助けに行くみたいで、早くまたやりたいです!

Last night I cleared the first stage on the Metal Gear Solid! This game has evolved into an onslaught of killing, although I really like the game I also think that it is a bit too close to reality. I mean, I know that it is a war game and the objective must be to give the player as real an experience as possible...But this game is real, I am playing it at the hardest level so the other players are a lot more intelligent than they were in any of the previous games. The first stage was all played out in a country like Iraq or something like that, although the soldiers have nothing to do with reality. It still give you an experience as close to how it would be in the real world, the graphics are awesome, the sound is amazing and the variety of weapons you are able to collect and customize is totally cool. But the game is, well I guess that is what war is all about? I am going after the Big Boss at the moment, and it is a really cool distractor and way to spend my evenings after the kids are in bed. I become totally emerged in the game,and when Snake dies it almost feels like I die. But there are all my friends out there that I have to rescue, so I gotta keep going.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting ready for the fights

This is a picture of my lunch today, it is a huge protein shake with frozen berries and mixed with water. When I get ready for a fight I start changing everything I eat in order to build a body fit for fighting. It takes a lot of discipline but at the end of the day it makes you feel that extra strong. Feeling good and eating healthy is very important, because it gives you better rest at night and better mental attitude. When I eat for a fight I cut out most carbs and focus on the high proteins, but only until I get to the desired weight I want. Then I start to up the carbs in accordance with the amount of work load I give the body. Sometimes I get confused myself and just eat what I want, but that is all of the plan too so I don't get frustrated over it. I also have to eat out a lot in order to met sponsors etc. so many times I can't count the amount of food I get, so I am able to just swing it.But in order to know about where I am, I always weigh myself in the morning at the same time and write down what I eat during the day. It helps me to keep track of things, and if I am having a good or bad day I can often correct the flaw by looking at what I ate or drank.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Akebono Grand Champion

I showed you the picture with Akebono and me yesterday, it was taken at the press conference. But as most of you might already know, he was the first non-japanese sumo wrestler to become Yokozuna, Grand Champion. And when I first came to Japan he was a super star, I used to watch him sumo wrestle all the time. During those days there were wrestlers such as Konishiki(the biggest ever, also from Hawaii), Takanohana and Wakanohana, brothers and sons of former sumo champion, later came Musashimaru out of Hawaii too and now there are two Mongolian Grand Champions, Asasyouryu and Hakuhou. I have been fortunate enough to have met most of them all and consider myself a friend of most of them. So it is actually an honor to stand next to a hero of mine, and then be able to collaborate on something such as a grand event of K-1 in Hawaii. I am very exited about the whole thing and really look forward to the whole event. This clip was in the news paper yesterday, I thought I might scan it and upload it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

6月19日19時55分配信 GBR 格闘技WEBマガジン



 6月19日(木)都内ホテルにて、8月9日(現地時間・土)米国ハワイ・スタン シェリフ センターで開催されるFEG USA「K-1 WORLD GP 2008 IN HAWAII』の会見が行われ、ニコラス・ペタスが出席した。

 今大会で行われるK-1 WORLD GP 2008世界最終予選トーナメントに出場予定のペタスは「ハワイの選手と対戦するのは楽しみです」と試合が待ち遠しい様子。



 これまでにも、船木誠勝と共演した映画「LOVEDEATH(ラブデス)」や「あゝ!一軒家プロレス」、そしてテレビ朝日ドラマ「パズル」など、俳優業をこなしているペタス。「俳優ときどきファイターとしてこれからも頑張っていきたい。戦って顔にケガ? 心配ないですね。それなりに味が出てくるじゃないですか」と今後の俳優活動にもやる気十分。


Thursday, June 19, 2008

K-1 Hawaii

Just got out of the press conference, looks like I am on the Hawaii show. I wonder about the draw, there were a few hard hitters on the name list!


I usually get up in the morning with my kids and then make sure they eat their breakfast, before I send them off to school. And when they go, I go off to hit the gym for the morning running session. Then when I am done, I have just enough time to get home and have some breakfast before I have to take the youngest to the kinder garden. After that I have a couple of hours before my training starts again, and it is often during this time that I sit down and write my blog. But the thing is today I am going somewhere at around noon, and if everything works out fine then there will be some more press on today's events. I am looking forward to it, but for now I can't tell you where I am going...I hope this sounds mysterious? Oh, I almost forgot, July 25th. is the date to cross off in your calendar, check out the teaser poster.朝は忙しいです、毎日僕は一番に起きて子供たちを起こして朝ごはんをちゃんと食べるようにしてから、学校に行かせます。そして、僕もその時間に合わせて着替えてジムに行って朝のランニングをします。帰ってから一番下の子が待っている、それでその子を幼稚園に連れてって自分は家に戻ってご飯を食べます。その後は次の練習まで2時間ぐらいがあります、その間に仕事関係のメールやBlogのアップします。皆さんがいつも読んでくれている内容ですが、今日はこれから行くところの話しは本当にしたいですけど。。。それは後での楽しみにしてもらいます、え!今日はどこに行くの?って思えば僕と一緒に軽く興奮しましょう!それと、皆さん7月25日はなんと次回のSMOKERSイベントの予定ですから、今のうちに行きたい人は予定に入れてください。

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1973 the year I was born

I love James Blunt, when I first heard the song "You're Beautiful" I knew I had to his album. But I must admit that I am not a true fan, because I never do all the follow ups that I should. I actually just found out that he had released his second album recently? And that this song here was an even bigger hit than the first one...? Well, I fell in love with this song right away, because I am born in the year of 1973! So here it is, click on the link and emerge yourself in today's song!

James Blunt は”You're Beautiful"って言う曲をだした時から僕はファンです。すぐにCDを買いに行きました、そして全曲を一通り覚えました。うちの子供たちも大好きです、たぶん自分は好きだから?でも、本当のファンは情報を豆に調べたりしていると思いますが、最近You-Tubeでこの曲が出てきました!そしたら、なんと初CDよりもヒットしていたことに分かった!ま、自分はこんなに情報が遅れるのはあまり大きいな声では言えないですが、とにかく今日のはこの曲を紹介したいです。

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

愛媛、松山にトークショー決定!Talk show in Ehime

7月12日に松山に行きます!近くにいるのであれば?よかったら遊びに来てください、僕とのミット打ちできるかも?よろしくお願いします。I will be having a talk show event in Matsuyama, Ehime. Date is set to the 12th. July, so if you happen to be in neighborhood then feel free to swing by. We start at 17:00 and it will be a free event.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Short Shorts 10th. Film Festival

Last night I was invited to come to the annual and 10th. Short Film Festival called, Short Shorts! I didn't get to take a lot of pictures, but there were lots of famous people there. I tried getting a shot of Chris Pebler, while he was working the stage but the light was just good enough from telephone...He is the best bilingual TV personality I know in Japan. His flawless transitions from Japanese into English is awesome, I wish I could be that good. Then I got to meet the Casting agent for, "The Last Samurai" Narahashi Yoko-san. And it turns out that I am pretty good friends with her daughter! We worked on the set of "Winds of God" a couple of years ago,but I never knew that her Mother was such a personality. I hope to get in touch with them all again, the thing is I might actually have met on her Mother on the set in L.A., but I never knew it was her. I wish I knew more people in the industry, but here I am just starting out and trying to find my way through the darkness.

昨日の晩は10周年のShort Shortsフィルムフェスチバルのグランプリに呼ばれていきました。今回は二回目なんですが、初めてセレブ気分で記者の前に立って思い切り写真とられました!なんかK-1の記者会見と違いますけど、思わずかまえました!そしたら、ニコラスさんけりをやってもらって良いですか?との声が上がりました。いやいや、今日はスーツなんで空手のチョップを見せます!とのことになりました。いろな有名な方がたくさん来ましたけど、僕は一番感動したのはもしかしてあのバイリングアルの司会の達人。クリス ペブラーさん。彼ほど英語から日本語の切り替えの滑らかさはすばらしいです、アフターパーティーで挨拶をしたときに急に緊張して口は回らなかったです。その記帳している自分は恥ずかしかったです、いきなり出した言葉は”I Love You, Man!”とくりすさんは僕の顔を見ながら、”I love you too,man!"ハハハ。それと奈良橋陽子さんにも会うことが出来ました、皆さんは分からないかも知れないですが奈良橋さんは”ラスト・サムライ”のキャスチングをやった方です。それはそれだけですごいことなんですが、娘と僕は仲いいのは信じられなかったです、昔”Winds of God"のアメリカ現場でお世話になっています。それが、昨日急に”ニック、私のお母さんだよ!”を言いました。ま~、なんて恥ずかしいことでした。また早く会えたら会いたいです。

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I know what I am going to spend my free time on!

I hooked it up and honestly, I can't believe how incredible detailed this game is...I know that PS3 is good, but this goes beyond my expectations. I have just only started it, but I am sure that once I get the hang and feel for it it is going to be good. It is like coming back to an old friend, I mean we have been through a lot together, 3 games so far! And now he is getting older and smarter, just like me! Haha. When I get the chance I am going to turn off all the lights and close all the doors and then just sit there in front of my 50 inch screen and become Snake! これほどきれいになると思わなかったです、MGS4は本当にゲームを超えています。まだ始まったばかりですが、だい一印象は何でこんなにこまがいところまで出来るの?本当にかっこいいです、僕の50インチテレビでは電気を全部消して、ドアを閉めてクーラーをきかせて自分はSnakeになっちゃう。たぶんゲームをやっている皆さんはそんな気持ちになると思う、ちなみにKoichi君も大好きであいつもゲームを買ってこれからは勝負だ~

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a nice day !

It is just such a nice day today, the weather is good and I am just feeling great. Training started for the next goal, and my body is in a good condition. I wasn't really going to write about anything today, but then I saw this picture and decided to show it because it fits exactly how I am feeling today! 今日は別に何も書くつもりなかったけど、この写真を見て今日の自分の気持ちにぴったりです。練習は次の目標に向けて始まったし、体の調子は良いです、今日の天気もいいし。。。

Friday, June 13, 2008


Mike Mizuno was a very famous movie critic whom later on turned into a director, he had loved movies his whole life and I guess that when it finally became his turn to be in front of the camera. He must have loved it, like nothing else in life. He made a series of movies called "Siberian Super Express", and I was asked to play a small role in the last one of the series, no.5. I got to meet the whole crew and work a bit with the Director, and I remember that he was always really nice to me. Although it was a very small part, I still felt the warmth from him and all his staff working on the set. I am sure that there will be a lot of people that will miss him, I hope he may find peace now.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guess who is back !

I had almost forgotten about it, but then last night I stumbled over the commercial on TV, and I got pretty exited about it. I have not played a good game in a very long time, and although I have spent a lot money on a lot of different games. I have not been quite as exited about any of the games out there on the PS3, but this time I know what I am getting because I have played all the prequels. And they were quite good! To put it mildly...for other gamers it will be easy to remember the fight against the old sniper in the woods! Even today when I ask other gamers, everyone seems to have found their own way to have defeated him.I wonder what kind of fights Snake has in store for us this time?


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ice Festival in Ueno

It was really cool to go to Ueno Park this Sunday, a friend of mine runs a ice company and asked me if I could swing by the annual ice festival. I had never seen it before, so I took the whole family out to Ueno park the other day. It was a hot humid day, but they had arranged for 30 ton of ice to be brought out to park. And just getting close to the area, you could tell the difference in temperature. The first thing we did was get ourselves a ice mug cup and fill up with beer. It was awesome to drink beer out of a mug of ice! The they also had a snow maker and all the kids were playing in the snow making snowballs and throwing them at me...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008



So it finally aired on TV last night, I was glued to the screen and totally sucked in to it. When you are on the set you end up taking the same scene over and over again, so when you actually get to watch the final cut, you don't really know which cut is going to be used. Sometimes you are expecting more from some scene's and other times you don't realize that they were going to use other scenes. It was a lot more work than you get to see on the actual show, but that is just the way it is. Each scene has to be just right, and we spend a lot of time running through the scenes, rehearsing the camera angles, tempo of the dialogue and basically all the movements. And then by the time you are in the final take, things more than often turn out better because everyone is so much more intent.I love the work and hope there will be a lot more out there for me. Oh, did anyone notice that I changed my website? I think it looks awesome!

Monday, June 09, 2008

"CHANGE" 21:00~ Ch.8 CX, Fuji TV

DON'T MISS IT ! Tonight I am on the show called "Change". It will air at 21:00 on Ch. 8 Fuji TV.




Sunday, June 08, 2008

Shopping time !

I was out shopping today and when I found myself in front of this fountain. I just knew that I had to take a picture, this is inside a shopping mall called, Venus Fort. It is located on a man made island called Odaiba, at the Tokyo bay area. It is a really nice kind of shopping mall, where they have various restaurants and many cool shops. Laundry also has a shop out there, and we often swing by to check out the new stuff they have on sale. If you look at the ceiling you will notice that the color changes every so and so minutes, Giving the impression of changing days or at least hours of the day. It is totally cool and very on line with what you might find in Vegas. I have once done a talk show at this venue, and the reaction from the people there was really good.

お台場に買い物に行ってたらこんな風景が目に入りました、これは日本人として面白くないかも分からないけど。これはベガス波ですよ!僕は何回も行っているのに始めて今回はみんなにみせたいな~と思いました。何でお台場のビナス フォートに行けばこんな素敵な噴水が見られます。

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Guam 旅行!

海への旅でした、本当に美しい海は見たかったのでグアムに着いてすぐにレンタカーにしました。そして、Bud’s Hairの西岡さんが貸してくれたグアムの完全ガイドを見ながら、もっとも美しい海ハンターになりました。子供はスノーケリングをできるようになったので、みんなでかわいい魚をたくさん見ました。僕は今回真っ白の浜辺を頑張って探したら本当に見つかりました。この写真では分からないかもしれないんですけど、グアムにもこんなに美しい海があります。僕らしかいなかった海は今の時代はあまりにも考えられなかった、けど今回はそんな海を見つけました!最後その浜辺に行ったときは本当にうちの家族しかいなかったです、映画に出てきそうな無人島みたいでした。。。So I just decided to take the family to for a few days, it was just one of those things that came to me. Although it ended up costing us a lot more than we had expected, it was worth it all. I thought that I was going to fight on the 29th. but if I still have not heard anything by this time...well, then I guess that it is not going to happen. I sort of knew that last week, so when I finished shooting on the drama, which is airing on the this coming monday, I asked my wife if it would be OK to take the kids out of school to go to Guam. She loved the idea and before I knew it we were off to the beach. It was a nice trip all in all, we rented a car and totally searched for the perfect beach. And as you might be able to see by the photo, we totally found it. The thing about going to Guam was reallyh cool, but when the Japanese fans that happened to be in Guam at the same time we were, started to ask for pictures and others just started taking pictures of me and the kids without asking if it was OK, I sat down and thought about it all. 17 years ago I came to Japan with a dream of learning Karate from the best teacher in the world, and here I am years later being asked by Japanese to take a picture together in GUAM ! When in my own country no one knows who I am...It is quite something, when you just take a moment to think about it?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Up Up and away...

Sorry Guys, I forgot to tell you all that I was going to Guam! Got here Sunday night and will be back in Japan Thursday night. The weather is great and everything is just fun in the sun! I am taking a few days off with the kids , but then I was in the Micronesian Mall and there was a net connection, so I thought that I might just confess. See you all later, gotta go and grab another ice cold beer...Boat drinks all the way!

Sunday, June 01, 2008





毎週金・土・日 (4回上映)
1. 14:00~
2. 16:00~
3. 18:00~
4. 20:00~