Friday, October 31, 2008

S.P. WORKS 03-5399-1688

It all started good, I just needed to cut my handle bars a little bit. And then we changed the head light and grips. I guess we played around a little with the front brake lever...It was awesome, so smooth! Until about 3 min. out of the shop, then my front brake locked up on me and I was stuck right at the traffic light! Trying to man handle my 250kg bike was not easy and I got real lucky when a couple of kids and another biker, stopped and helped me out. I ended up calling Sherif back to help me out, and let me tell you, S.P. WORKS! it really does work. I owe him big time and I am sure we will have a great time at the SMOKERS tonight! Drinks are on the house Brother ! http://www.bbb-bike.com/html_page/15320.html This is where you can find Sherif's Pit, he speaks 3 languages, including Japanese, English and Hindu I think it is, I am not quite sure but it sounds like that to me. Hey, I know you are going to read this so...Thanks for last night!
Check it out !

Thursday, October 30, 2008

9999 km

I got home yesterday from selling some SMOKERS tickets when I looked down on my counter on the Harley, and as you can see it was just about to hit the 10000 km mark. I thought it was kind of funny that I should be right in front of my house when I was at that milage.

チケットを売りに行って家に帰ってきた時でした、バイクのマイレージをたまたま見たらあの数字でした!ま~それは僕のバイク アンド ライフです、もっと詳しい話は携帯から http://www.mobike.jp/ で見てください!ちなみにNaito-san以外に見た人いますか?それと、このBlogは携帯で見れるようになるかは調べている最中です。

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So I was lucky enough to watch this movie before anyone else in Japan. I think the first thing I want to say is that I really enjoyed it. It was very European and although he was mostly speaking french I had no trouble at all reading the Japanese subtitles. It was a movie about getting to know about JCVD the man you normally would not get to see, it was very realistic and although it was a movie it hit a lot of real subjects that actors are always afraid to touch. I found that I could relate to a lot of the things he was talking about and although the whole story was built around a robbery in a post office, it was all just an engine to keep you involved and to get to know the man behind the screen. There were moments in the movie that hit the nail on the spot that I think I will carry with me for a long time. At the end I walked out with the feeling that I got to know him a whole lot better, regardless of what has been said and done, I felt like working with him. Just because I could relate to so many of the issues he has had to deal with, I cannot say that I have gone through the same as he has. But in life everything can be seen in perspective, and if you size it down to my level then I feel for the man. In one scene he talks about Karate, and the spirit of Osu, and how much it means to him. He even admidts that he does not know why he became the star when there were/are so many greater talents out there. He sees it as a blessing and a curse at the same time. I don't want to tell you what happens in the movie, but if you watch it with an unclouded mind like I did. Then you will like what you see, and hopefully you will want to see more. In this day and age people crave for a more direct approach, and blogs like mine here is a great example. For you the reader you become attached to me at a more personal level, and in some sense we experience life together. What I go through you go through, but that has not been shown in such a scale on the big screen until now. I guess that is what all those reality shows are about? Do you remeber a movie with Jim Carey? The Truman Show? It hit on the subject of reality shows and although it took it to the extreme, I guess it was way ahead of its time. The movie I am talking about today has a raw feel to it, and although it is a movie I am not sure how much of it is actually rehearsed lines. Most of it seems to come completely naturally as if he really did not act, but simply showed his true colors. I loved it, want to see more. And for all that is worth I think that says it all!



Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Jean Claude Van Damme

Made a movie about himself? I have no idea what it is about? But apparently it is a self parody, what ever that is supposed to mean? He has been in a very long dark slump and I think he is trying to revive himself and work his way back up again? It is not easy being a movie star, living life as a normal person gets very hard. And I can imagine how hard it must be to have been up there and then fall all the way down, I have been there and done that. Of course not in the same kind of scale, but still the same. I feel that it made me into the man I am today, so finally having come to terms with it all I have gained from it all. First time I saw JCVD was in Blood Sport! And that made me an instant fan, he was super cool in that movie, it had all the right elements of what a good Martial Arts movie should have. I can still watch it today and get a kick out of it. Hope this new thing about himself is good, because I actually like him as an actor. Imagine me getting the chance to work with him one day?

今日はバン ダムの12月公開JVCDっていう実写?版映画を見に行きます、角川エンターティンメントから誘われて行きます。JCVDは昔からのファンですが最近この何年間かなりのスランプに入ってて、あまりいい話は聞かないです。しかし、今回はしっかりと仕事をしてきたそうですので、これから彼の活動は楽しみにです。初めて見た時はBLOODSPORTっていうヒット映画だった、その時からファンになりました。格闘技をきれいに見せてくらました。できたら一緒に仕事したいですね!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bike is back home

I got back home last night from Sendai, and it was a great trip. I got to catch up with friends and to top of everything I got to race on the track. I was sort of glad that I had my own bike, because I trust it and know how to ride it. But It was also sort of sad to see everyone else suited up to ride properly when all I had was a new helmet and tape on my shoes, so that my laces would net get caught up in something. I need to take this a bit more serious and for next year I have been given something to ponder about. I need a better and faster bike, I want to get a Hayabusa and try and slam that thing down the track. All I could pull out of my Harley was 140km on the 400 meter track and my best time was 14.886sec. That is just about twice as long as the fast bikes, and they are turning out top speeds of 260km/h. It looks like a whole lot of fun! Oh, and I finally got my bike back home, now I can feel good about riding it around the city again.

バイクは家に帰ってきたよ!今日もそれでジムまで走りました。何とレース場で改めての付き合いができたので本当に今はあのバイクはかわいいです。ドラッグレースはやっぱり楽しいです!自分のバイクで行くだけでも十分楽しめるけど、やはりとなりDucattiのレプリカが走っているとあまりにも話にならないのは悔しいです。来年に向けて本当に夢をもらいました。自分とのバイクライフの新しいスタートをやっと切りました気がしています。バイクライフっと言えば皆さんにはまだ話していないですが、実はバイク王さんとニコラスのバイクライフについえて携帯専用ブログを始めました!http://mobike.jp/ を是非チェックしてください。そこではアクセス情報が載っていますのでよろしくお願いします。茂木Twinリングス、三宅島そして仙台のハイランドドラッグレース場から全部見れます!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last drag race of the year in Sendai !

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Goodmorning !

I am up at the crack of dawn, about to make my way up to Sendai. It is about 1 hour and 30min. on the bullit train almost direstly North from Tokyo, I went there during the summer this year and did a demonstration with Koichi. But this time I will be racing my Harley on the Drag Race track. I am sure it it going to be a lot of fun, and I will try and keep you all up to date with what is going on.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Sendai Bike race

Yep, I am going at it again, trying to catch the end of this years season on the drag race tracks. I actually get to race on the official track this time, although my Hog is not that fast. I still need to practice some of the finer details of actually riding on the track. It takes a bit of skill to take of and finish all in good style, and last weekend I spent quite some time being taught in the finer details of drag racing. In Japan it is still a minor sport, but we might be able to make something a bit more interesting out of it. I am having a lot of fun out of it at least. Oh, I found this on the Internet, it was going for about 25.000U$ and it is one seriously cool looking machine. But I don't think I can afford that one right now...


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Worth fighting for!

I have a bunch of good guys that I am able to train with for now quite some time, we are all a kind of family and we stick together. I am not the just the Boss in the gym, I am also a father figure to whom they can always come and talk to. I like being there for them and they like having me there for them too. We often sit down after training and talk about things because it is important to discuss both how our training is going and other things like life and what ever. One of the boys is having some serious problems with his girl friend, and having no where to turn to he has come to me for advice. I have been helping him through this period in his life right now, although I don't know if we will make it to the other side without getting hurt. At least I am there for him, and it feels good to actually help someone that trusts you. In life there is always something worth fighting for, and right now he needs to fight for his girl if he wants to stay together and that is sometimes not as easy as it seems. But he is a good kid and I hope things work out for the better.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Did you guys forget about it??? I have not forgotten about it, but in fact am still very much both involved and busy getting everything ready. The final cut of the fight card is about to get released and it looks like we are going to see some real good fights. Samukawa, 36 is back and he is seriously going to show everyone how much he wants to be where he is today. I have grown very fond of him lately and feel that he deserves everything he is aiming at. If you are interested in buying tickets, and don't know how or where, then mail me at factory@nicholaspettas.com and I am sure we can work something out. Don't forget that pairs dressed out get to enter the draw for a pair of tickets to Hawaii !!! 4 nights with hotel etc.

さ~みなさん忘れたんじゃない???来週SMOKERS HALLOWEEN PARTYですよ。対戦カードは決まりましたのですぐに発表はあると思います。36寒川選手は復活すればうちのブラックサムライエメカは2戦目でどんな試合をしてくれるのは非常に楽しみです。毎週の打ち合わせで36は参加してくれているので彼はどれぐらいまじめか最近はっきりしているので、僕は今まで以上に36のことは好きになりました。若い選手はこうでなきゃいけないのをみんなに知ってもらいたいです。勝負に対しての意気込み、プロとしての試合を選ばすに誰でも来い精神は本当に素晴らしいです。本人から相手は弱いとその相手変えてくれと自分から平気で言います。チケットはあと少ししかないと聞いているので、行きたい方はお早めに買い求めください。http://www.smokers-fight.com/ticketinfo.html


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I still have a stomach pain...

I know that I told you about my adventures on the boat back from Miyakeshima, well I still have a sore stomach and my throat is sore. I don't mind it if I could just get on with my life again, good thing about it all is that I actually lost 1 kg, from the whole experience and these days I have been trying to drop a few of the extra I have gained while I have been injured. So at least it is going in the right direction...Here are a couple of shots of some of the cool bikes and riders on the tour!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Leaving Miyakeshima

So the event went off as expected and things were looking just fine, we had our last lunch on the Island and I enjoyed a big dish of Curry with a deep fried pork chop on top! It is a very popular dish in Japan called, Katsu Curry Rice! Then we got on the boat and everybody waved goodbye, the locals were all there sending us off in style with lots of Banzai's and there were a few tears here and there...Then about 10min. out from the harbour we hit the open seas and the boat started rocking like crazy, I hate being rocked like that back and forth, so I tried staying in my cabin lying down curled up in the fetal position. But it didn't last very long and when I decided to go out on the deck for a bit of fresh air, it was a lot more than fresh air I got. I ended up barfing all the curry up and crawling back into my bunk. Where I tried to think of happy things, but after repeatedly going back and forth from the sick and bunk I eventually fell asleep and made it back to Tokyo...That is exactly what happened last year, so next year I am thinking that I need to take the airplane home, even if I have to wait another day or so. I can always spend the extra day Scuba diving, apparently it is a haven over there because of the warm waters from the volcano.


Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last night I found out that even here on Miyakeshima there was wireless lan to be found, it feels kind of wierd to be able to connect with your computer and not your cell phone! But they are getting there slowly, compared to last year it is a lot greener and the people living here seem to be having a lot of fun. I truly hope that this event keeps going on for years to come! I was lucky enough to ride on the actual race track yesterday, it was during the break when we got back from the charity tour of the island. I simply made my way down to the christmas tree and lined up, and then before anyone could stop me I went for it! It was awesome, me all alone pushing my bike to its limits on such a big strip. I whish I was on a faster bike, because on the 200 meters of short track I only got up to about 130km. Well, next week in Sendai we are going on the real drag race track, and then I have 400 meters to give it everything it has! It is gonna be so much fun.


Saturday, October 18, 2008


In Miyakeshima

Just got in here this morning! we landed on the ferry at 5:00 AM, so it was still dark and a bit cold. But now that we had a couple of hours of rest we are all ready to go ride at the charity touring. This morning the wind is really strong and they just announced on the radio that the Free style Motocross has been cancelled due to0 strong winds...I was really looking forward to checking out those guys on the trial runs, I saw it once in Germany and it was really cool.

さ~着きました、三宅島の朝5時はちょっと寒かったです。しかも、船は結構揺れましたのでひょっとしたら風は強いんじゃないですかと思いながら。。。その風で今日朝一番に予定にしていたフリースタイルのMoto Crossはキャンセルされました!残念、それは本当に観たかったです、しかし明日もやる予定があるので風のようすで決まるので、明日はもっといい天気になるように願うしかないです。今からマイバイクでツーリングに行ってきます!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Karate class in Harajuku

Last night I was teaching the Karate class in Harajuku GOLD'S GYM, and apart from the fact that everyone is doing really well. We have been moved down to the basement, where there is a room for classes of what ever. Aerobics or dance or Martial Arts, there are a couple of bags and before we start training we are able to put thick matts on the floor and it becomes a real dojo. It is about twice as big as the gym on the 3rd. floor where we used to train in. I really like it over there now, we have a great atmosphere in there and everyone is training hard to get ready for the tournament next month.

昨日、原宿のGOLD'S GYMで空手の指導をしたけど、いつもとなにが違うかと言うと3階から地下2階のジムに移動されました。地下2階のジムは全然広いです!フロアーにマットを引いて10分で道場に変身。気持ちよくみんなはのびのびと練習しています。僕も道義を着て気合を入れて頑張っています、体の具合は最近本当に良くなったので練習は楽しくってしょうがないです。水曜日と土曜日は空手のフィーバーの日です!押忍!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WE RIDE in Miyakeshima

I don't know if you remember that I spoke about going to Miyakeshima for the bike event? Well, it is this weekend, and it looks like my harley has already been sent over there, it is going to be a nice two days on the bike. Last year I spoke about my Harley on stage, and this year I get to show off my bike to all the people over there. I am quite exited about going over there!

この前はハーレーが出発しました!自分は金曜日の晩に船で行きます。なんだか今月は移動が多いです、昨日は石川県から帰ってきました、金曜日は三宅島そして来週の土、日は仙台。。。そして、31日はSMOKERS HALLOWEENです、皆あんはチケットは買いました?今回はすぐ売れると思うので行きたい方は早めにを買い求めたほうがいいと思います。その話は耳にタコができるぐらい聞いていると思います。。。昨年の三宅島のイベントにバイク王に呼ばれて行きました、今年も僕と仲良くしているバイク王と一緒に行くことになりました。島は昨年からどう変わったのかすごく楽しみです、それと前回に止まっていた両館のおばあさんはニコは今年も来るんですかって聞いたらしくって。本当にやさしくって家族みたいによくしてくれるんです、東京からどんなお土産持ってたら喜ぶのかな~?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fujita-san get married in Ishikawa

Fujjta-san & Yoko-san

It was a 6 hour drive up to Ishikawa-Ken where a friend of mine Fujita was getting married, and since we got up real early we were making good time on the high way. I fell asleep in the back on the way home so it was real easy fr the three of us to drive up there and back again all within 24hours. It was a beautiful wedding party and I got to hold a speech and join in the karate demonstration too. Congratulations!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

GOLD'S GYM on a Saturday afternoon

GOLD'S GYM Omotesando

Mark Ginter shows up
Me after running


Saturday, October 11, 2008

It was a dark grey morning

They came early, so early that they woke me up. I was bare out of the house before they had rolled my bike up on the back of the truck. As I stood there with a slight hang over and second day stubble's, they bike made its way in the back of the truck. And by the time I had rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, the bike had been secured and off it went...I felt empty, like a shell of a man, just looking at how they man handled my beloved bike. Luckily for me I get to see it again next week when I go to Miyakeshima. We are going on the tour for Miyakeshima, I don't know if you remember that I told you about it before? Well it is this next weekend coming up.


Friday, October 10, 2008

You have been activated !

If you are in for a ride of a movie then you need to go and see this movie, you have been activated. The FBI will arrive in 30 sec. get out of the apartment, you now have 24sec. From there on it just never stops, I had a great time and I am sure you will like it too. I guess that this is where we are at right now, this age is never going to return to what it was and what the future has in store for us I don't know. But if things keep moving this fast then I am sure that when I grow old I will have been able to see one of the most prosperous change of ages in history. Think about it, I am 35 and I know the world from before the Internet, cellphones and Hydrogen fueled cars!

さ~感想ですか?速いペースのハイテクアクションです。っていうかここまでテクは伸びるとちょっとまずいですね!Jump って言われたら10秒以内飛ばないと死ぬし。。。あなたは選ばれた!っていう非通知電話が入ったらいうことを聞いたほうがいいよ。現代のハイテクはどこまで伸びるか分からないけど少なくってもネットの前の世界を見てきている自分たちはこれからの伸び方は楽しみにしている。

Eagle Eye Japan Premiere

Thursday, October 09, 2008


We all get together once or twice a week to talk things out and plan ahead, and often 36(Samukawa) is right there with us all. We discussed how we would like to make the entrance a bit more effective than just coming down the stairs. And also about what kind of costumes we would like to wear, for some reason everybody seems to agree on my body painting myself to look like the HULK! I would never do that, I was never a fan and I feel it is against my love for the comic books to do something like that.LOL


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Promotion for SMOKERS

I had a promotional interview for SMOKERS, and since I had just finished training when they came in I was still sweating and kind of tired. But it put in a good mood for the interview and the guy asking me questions had really done his homework, so it all turned out really good. We are going to need as much exposure on the event as possible, and where ever I can get in a word about my acting career it is all good. Talking about acting, I got invited to go to Steven Spielberg's Japan premiere of Eagle Eye this Thursday. And I have been told that we are going to meet him, but I was told the same thing about Jet Li, when he came for his Martial Arts movie Spirit. It would be awesome though to actually meet him.

SMOKERSようのプロモーション取材をやりました。練習のすぐ後にとったので汗をかきながら話していた、体はもちろん疲れていたけどそれはそれである意味良かったです。取材者はかなり勉強をしてきたので鋭い質問にたいして自分からたくさん話しました。写真の出来はちょっと分からないけど、話には気持ちたっぷり入りました。演技の話もしましたし、そういえば木曜日はアヤト・チエさんと一緒にスピールバーグのEagle Eyeのレッドカーペットあり紹介に行くことになりました。本人に会えるらしいです!それは会いたいけど実はたぶん難しいです、しかし会えたら最高です。青い目のサムライです!よろしくお願いします!言ってみたいです。。。

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

36 is back! Nitta's prodigy SAMUKAWA in SMOKERS

Yes, it is true, Samukawa will be making his come back fight on our SMOKERS HALLOWEEN PARTY! tickets are on sale now, 8.000Yen for standing tickets including free drinks and food. VIP SEATS are available for 100.000Yen, seats are for 4 people including gorgeous dinner with free drinks and special seats on the second floor looking down on the arena. for more information contact me at factory@nicholaspettas.com.

本当に本当にそうです!今回は久しぶりにリングに上がるのは何と36選手、新田さん一番弟子寒川選手です!オールスタンディンぐは飲み放題付きで8.000¥です、VIPシートは10万円です。一階にあるホットシートは4人で5万円で手に入ります、リングのそばに座れて食べて熱くなれる!興味ある方はfactory@nicholaspettas.com まで問い合わせください。よろしくお願いします。しかも、今回はお客さんの中での抽選会でハワイの4泊6日のペアー旅行券が当たります!

36 is back! Nitta's prodigy SAMUKAWA in SMOKERS

Monday, October 06, 2008


I think you might be able to see a couple of bags in the back ground, they are full of living bacteria! And they might just be the key to creating a good living environment in my fish tank. I will have to go out and buy some test fish today in order to test the water, and help speed up the production of more good bacteria.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bacteria for fish tank

I have a friend who is going to bring over some bacteria for my fish tank today, since all my fish have died and I have not been able to get a good new stock of fish going for quite some time now. But once I get the good bacteria in and it all falls into place I should be able to get some new fish. It has been really lonely in my fish tank for too long now, since before I went to Hawaii it has been empty...


Friday, October 03, 2008

Shinjuku coffee shop.

Yesterday just after I had finished training, Naito showed up to get a couple of T-Shirts. Timing was good because I had just finished and had time to take care of him before shooting off to Shinjuku for a meeting. I took this shot in Shinjuku in front of the coffee shop where I met up with my partners. There were a lot of bikes parked there in front of the station, it is like a hot spot for bikes because you don't get a fine for parking there. And that might just be the only place in Tokyo where there is free parking!

昨日内藤さんがジムに来た後に自分は新宿で打ち合わせがあったので、急いで移動した。バイクの駐輪場はほとんどない東京なかで、新宿のVICTORIA GOLFの前ではすごい数がともっているので意外と思い白いスポットです。これはいつまで無料でそこでバイクは止めれるのかわからないけど、きっと誰かがクレーム入れたらみんなアウトです。それまではみんな止めるんだろうけど。。。

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pair tickets to Hawaii !

2008/10/01THE SMOKER'S HALLOWEEN 2008開催決定!! 株式会社アスレティック・エンタープライズ&NPO法人バンゲリングベイ主催興行 「THE SMOKER'S HALLOWEEN 2008」【日時】2008年10月31日(金)【会場】Zest Cantina恵比寿【時間】19:30開場 20:00開始予定【チケット前売り】アリーナスタンド 8,000円 フリードリンク、ワンフード付き【チケット販売】チケットご購入はこちら株式会社アスレティック・エンタープライズ&NPO法人バンゲリングベイ【お問合せ】TEL 03-6658-4583(株式会社アスレティック・エンタープライズ)03-6905-6573(NPO法人バンゲリングベイ)公式サイト http://www.smokers-fight.com/特別協賛:株式会社セントラルマーケット





Wednesday, October 01, 2008

American Street in Ueno

I had to pick up a few things today and found myself in a area of Tokyo called Ueno, and you can find just about anything there. I used to go out there a lot when I lived in the other end of Tokyo, but I has been quite a while since I was there last. Come to think of it last time I was there I shot a TV program about food.