Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So I was lucky enough to watch this movie before anyone else in Japan. I think the first thing I want to say is that I really enjoyed it. It was very European and although he was mostly speaking french I had no trouble at all reading the Japanese subtitles. It was a movie about getting to know about JCVD the man you normally would not get to see, it was very realistic and although it was a movie it hit a lot of real subjects that actors are always afraid to touch. I found that I could relate to a lot of the things he was talking about and although the whole story was built around a robbery in a post office, it was all just an engine to keep you involved and to get to know the man behind the screen. There were moments in the movie that hit the nail on the spot that I think I will carry with me for a long time. At the end I walked out with the feeling that I got to know him a whole lot better, regardless of what has been said and done, I felt like working with him. Just because I could relate to so many of the issues he has had to deal with, I cannot say that I have gone through the same as he has. But in life everything can be seen in perspective, and if you size it down to my level then I feel for the man. In one scene he talks about Karate, and the spirit of Osu, and how much it means to him. He even admidts that he does not know why he became the star when there were/are so many greater talents out there. He sees it as a blessing and a curse at the same time. I don't want to tell you what happens in the movie, but if you watch it with an unclouded mind like I did. Then you will like what you see, and hopefully you will want to see more. In this day and age people crave for a more direct approach, and blogs like mine here is a great example. For you the reader you become attached to me at a more personal level, and in some sense we experience life together. What I go through you go through, but that has not been shown in such a scale on the big screen until now. I guess that is what all those reality shows are about? Do you remeber a movie with Jim Carey? The Truman Show? It hit on the subject of reality shows and although it took it to the extreme, I guess it was way ahead of its time. The movie I am talking about today has a raw feel to it, and although it is a movie I am not sure how much of it is actually rehearsed lines. Most of it seems to come completely naturally as if he really did not act, but simply showed his true colors. I loved it, want to see more. And for all that is worth I think that says it all!