Thursday, April 30, 2009

Golden Week

So we are kind of in the middle or just about to start the Golden Week, it is a national holiday that for some reason fell over a bunch of weekends and other stuff so that everyone ended up having 16 days off. This is unheard of in JP, and companies are telling their workers that they can take that many days off, but that they are not going to be paid for the off time...Normally it it about 3 days and a weekend so it turns out to be a week or so. Yesterday it was a holiday but like you could see on my blog it was a working day for me. In my line of work I usually end up spending holidays working and am able to take days off when everyone else is actually working, I have gotten used to it except for the fact that no matter how many Sundays I have worked...Sundays always makes me feel like it is a day off. Anyway, Koichi's fight is coming up soon, and if you are interested in getting a ticket? You can e-mail him and buy one from him.

Place is Kourakuen just beside Tokyo Dome, first fight starts at 18:00 and he is fighting for the heavy weight belt against Shing " SHIN" Jadeeb, we also have a few other fighters on the card, Ryoma Matsumoto is one. If you have a chance swing by and check out the exciting fights.
ps. This shot was taken in Hawaii last year...




(水・祝)東京・後楽園ホール開場17:30 開始18:00

KOICHI VS シング・心・ジャディブ
SRS席 10000円
RS席   7000円
S席    5000円
もしくは koichi.tsp@hotmail.co.jp



Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just finished the event, and it went really well! We actually some
hats today, I wasn't sure what I had expected but of felt good to meet
the kids and show them my new hat! Next week we are doing another
event at a different mall.



Blue Eyed Samurai

I just arrived at the Aeon in Urawa, today I am here to promote the
hat that you can see here...!

I think of looks awesome, what do you think?



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blue eyed Samurai !

This is what it is going to look like ! I think it is awesome and tomorrow I am going out to AEON in Urawa to promote it. If you find yourself in the area of Urawa then please drop in and get yourself a signed copy of my cool hat !


Monday, April 27, 2009

Enishi Challenge Spirit Vol.1

We had our first amateur fighting event at the A.E. Factory yesterday and with the help from all the guys at Bungeling Bay, it turned out to be an excelent event. There were about 30 fights and in there even a few kids fights, and ladies fights. I was surprised to see so many people actually turn up at the event, but if this is the first one of many to come then we are going to need a bigger place !

Enishi Challenge Spiritは本当に良かったです、おかげさまで誰もけがしなかったし。若い子みんな頑張ってくれましたし、うちのレオナ君は見事K.O.をしました、最後にレフェリーの顎にも一発に入れた。。。メガネは飛びそうになったけど、ぎりぎりで大丈夫でした。若いのは興奮をするとどうなるか分からないですね、Alescio君(イタリア)は二回戦った、その二回も判定勝ちをしてくれたのでみんなよく頑張ったな~。うちの空手部の代表として村上君も道着をきたままキックルールでいい根性と気合を見せてくれました。皆さん本当にお疲れ様でした。

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yokohama Garage & Works Yokohama

It was a long cold afternoon, and we all tried hard to make it happen. And after considering everything I feel very happy that so many fans turned up. It really was cold and raining hard all day yesterday and still people came up to me and we all had a good time getting together. Here is a pic. of the first young couple I too a picture with. Today it is really nice day and I am now in my gym, we are holding our first amateur kickboxing event. And there are a lot of excited people here...I am sure we are going to have some fun!


Saturday, April 25, 2009


I knew it was raining when we left the house...but this is worse than
your average rain! It is cold too and on top of that there are hardly
any people here. I whish there was something we could so to make it
more interesting.


Awesome Lunch

I was invited out for lunch to meet an author and journalist called Nakami Sensei. I thought we were going to a place that served Japanese Soba? But it turned out it was traditional Japanese style foods, it was really good and the most amazing thing about it was that the restaurant was a special reservations only place. It was a house in the middle of a housing district! I only found it because I had plotted the address in my I-Phone and was driving on my bike at the same time I was looking at the map. But it was a very peaceful place and I enjoyed it very much!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Father arrived yesterday

Last night I went to pick up my Dad, it it his second time to come to Japan. And we were all really happy to see him again, we ended up playing backgammon and drinking whiskey's most of the night...


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tokyo Tower

This is how big Tokyo really is...
I guess that we are just doing your daily thing that it never really
hits you, but get up in a big building and have a look around...
You can just see the peak of Tokyo Tower in back ground, that things
333meters tall. Just 3meyers taller than the Eiffel Tower! Yes, they
just had to do it.

Back in school !

My oldest daughter got sick and I had to pick her up from school today.
But it was kind of fun to get Bach behind the desk...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Koichi Pettas

Last night we went out to meet at very nice group of people that
support Koichi. They are all part of a group of buisness owners that
get together for net working. It was my first time to meet them all,
but we all still got along like a house on fire.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leukemia !

I just found out that a very dear friend of mine has been diagnosed with Leukemia! his name is Nobu Hayashi, and he is a K-1 fighter. For those of you who don't know him let me just tell you that he was the last opponent of Andy Hug, whom eventually died of acute Leukemia. It had progressed too far for the doctors to do anything preventive and he passed away just a few days after it was found in his blood stream. Nobu is like a younger brother to me, I met him in Seattle before he was anything from a fighter. He was 126kg and huge, he was full of heart and really wanted to make it into the K-1. I told him to go to Holland and join one of the big gyms over there, and 6 months later he was a Uchi Deshi in Chakuriki. At the time Peter Aerts was still there and Badr Hari was either just a little kid or he hadn't even started to train there yet. The next time I saw him he became runner up at the K-1 Japan GP and fought against Musashi in the final. I ended up fighting him the following year in that very same tournament. But now all I can think of is how hard it must be for him in the darkest hour of his life. When I find the chance I am gonna go see him! My prayers go out to him...


Monday, April 20, 2009

Starbucks 原宿




I was just at the Starbucks in Harajuku,
when I saw a famous comedian called Tanaka.

I have been on a show with last year where I dropped him with lowkick !

I said hello and we spoke a bit but I didn't think it appropriate to
ask for a picture so I didn't get one.

Monday morning

OK, I have been getting up on Monday mornings for the last...what 36 years now? and I still don't know what it is about Mondays mornings, they Monday mornings I decided to sleep in always gives me a really bad start on the week. It then takes me about 3 days to get back in the groove, but this morning I just got out of bed without thinking about it. I was thirsty and wanted to get something nice and cool to drink, it is a good thing to wake up hungry because then I can have a good breakfast. I would liked to have been able to go for my morning run, but my left hip joint will not allow that...it has been giving me a lot of trouble these last two years. I have been hanging in there for a long time now, but it has actually come to the point where I need to try and do something about it. I have been checking up on it on the internet, and found out that there are a lot of young people that now go through various procedures that were not available before, but I need to get it serious looked at again before I start thinking about having another operation...because that is something I really do not like to do.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

K.O. Win

Maruyama is about to go in

It is almost like...

It is almost like the winter doesn't want to let go, we just had a couple of cold days in JP, but today it is awesome weather. A whole bunch of my friends are getting together for a BBQ with the kids and all, but I gotta go help out Maruyama in Gold's Gym in Omori this afternoon. At least I get to take the bike out for a rather nice spin, and that should be fun enough. I polished it up real nice yesterday...I found this picture on my IPhone and it reminded me of the time I drove to Vegas in the Corvette I was driving in when I lived in LA for 6months. I would like to take my bike out on this road.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miyata !

I also met this Olympic wrestler at the fights in DEEP the other night, this is Sean and Miyata. They have been working together for years, and it ended up being a good win for Miyata.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Deep in Kourakuen

Hirukawa, who lives in the gym was fighting last night in a tournament
called Deep. It was kind of all over before it had started...he got
front choked out and although he was OK the ref. Called if off because
there was not enough action. They do that now a lot faster than in the
old days, to protect the fighters and I actually think it is a good
thing, shame to loose but that is the fight game.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

FM Yokohama

Here we all are on the air with FM Yokohama, it was a very short live appearance with the host and the no.1 guy in the shop. Gambit runs a real cool shop with lots of cool rims and tires. And everyone working there seemed really happy about everything.

Yokohama Garage Kan

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How many things can one person do?

I think sometimes that I do a lot of things, but then I look around me and see other people that are even more busy than I am. And it just makes me wonder how many things one person can do at one time? I understand that the more things you try to do the more spread out you become and things start to fall apart. Now to stay on top of everything is hard, but some people just seem to be able to do that! I wish sometimes that I had a couple more of me so that I could fit in more things in my schedule...Just a little brain food for everyone today. I enjoy most of the things that I do in life, but sometimes it can also become very...? how should I say, overwhelming.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scary talk is over

For those of you who don't know who Inagawa Sensei is? Then let me just tell you that he has built a career on all his experiences with the occult and scary things that life has to offer. It was my first time to meet him in person, but nobody in Japan who has any respect for the occult does not know who he is! He had some of the scariest stories I have ever heard spoken out loud...It was unreal !




Monday, April 13, 2009





I thought this was all just a joke...But now it appears that a real ghost showed up and they needed the assistance of the priest in the temple we are shooting at! !!And it is getting late and cold...I am not up for another hour or two at least, this reminds me of the times as a kid we tried to call the devil with Uija board...



Big Burger!

I enjoyed a huge burger last night !

In America the family restaurant Sizzler really sucks, but here in
Japan it is really nice ! And that is what I call a good burger.

Emeka the Black Samurai won his fight, but I never got to see it
because my bike broke down on the way out there,and I ended up
spending all day trying to get it fixed...

Turns out that it was just a tiny fuse that had blown, and once that
was changed, everything was OK.

I was kind of really pissed off last night, and although I knew it was
a lot of good stuff to write about I was honestly not in the mood for

昨日、ブラックサムライエメカは勝ちました!おめでとう。。。しかし、自分は試合会場まで行けなくって、ちょう最悪の一日を過ごし た。会場に向かった最中にバイクは急に動かなくなって!それからJAFを呼んで、バイクを知り合いのところまではこんでも らって。簡単にプラグを変えれば直ると思ったけど、全然そんな話じゃ無かった。バイク店で時間は無くなっている間にエメカは試合をして、勝ってくれて 本当に良かったです。それでその悔しい気持ちをこのバーガーにぶっつけた。。。





Sunday, April 12, 2009

Black Samurai

This is Emeka! The Black Samurai.

He is fighting in Omori Gold's Gym this afternoon!

If you have time to swing by and check it out then the fights start at around 16:00 !

But he is the last one on the card, being the main event...! Tai Chi

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Man it was an all nighter...

OK, it all started because a friend of mine had his birthday party! It was just one of those things that happens, you know once a year on the day you were born someone decides to throw a party! And before you know it there are a lot more dudes than you first started off with. Well we were lucky enough to have rented the whole place out, so that we didn't disturb anyone else. I didn't get home until after the next day was already in full swing! Man it was a long night, but fun none the less. The price is that I slept half the day away today and waking up with a 1000 horses thundering through my head...


Friday, April 10, 2009

Gambit wheel shop open

Stuck in traffic

Cool thing about being stuck in traffic is that I have some cool DVD
to watch...


Fwd: アフターです!

> バッズの西岡さんです!この10年近く僕の髪の毛をやっている。。。安心して
> 行きます、何も言わなくってもしっかりやってくれます。
> 今回は、
> 春バージョンです!〓

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bud's Hair ですごいことになってる⁈


Training hard

Koichi is getting ready for his title fight on the 6th. of May.

Here he is in Action with Anthony, those two get on like a house on fire!







Wednesday, April 08, 2009



The roads around the gym are full of Sakira trees, but unfortunately
this picture does not show the true feeling of how lovely it really

take Action

Last night I went to party for the campaign for smoking manners. Not
that I am smoker but about two weeks ago I helped out a bunch of
students clean up the streets of Shibuya,and this was all part of the
"take Action" campain from JT. Smoke with manners? You try and figure
that one out...

ジェディさんのtake Actionキャンペーンの打ち明けに呼ばれてい

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Just trying to upload my two blogs at same time...



Nitta and some of his boys for a little talk.


Spring is here

Out on my Busa today is just a dream come true...Spring is here and I
am loving it.


Monday, April 06, 2009

Met Bob for lunch!



We are just about to start our meeting...But someone was late,and I
just had enough time to type a mail.

Long weekend

It was a long weekend but a lot of fun.
Getting up this morning was hard but very realistic at...it was kind
Budo,get up early and take care of yourself,I am going out to Nihon
Terebi this morning for a pre interview. Next week I am shooting a
DVD, and we are going to talk about it.
This is what the Sakura outside my window this morning.


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Changing tires

So I am here at the tire shop,and since I have some time I decided to
try out the new setting on Blogger that my friend showed me last
night,while we were having a BBQ〓


Hanami at my house !

We all had a great time yesterday, I seriously ate too much but it was all worth it.