Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo Shoot for front cover !

There is a full blowing Typhoon on its way, and I had to make my way to the gym for a photo shoot. But that was nothing my car couldn't handle...

When I got to the gym there was a butterfly stuck behind the windows, and I thought that maybe the little bug that I spent two weeks in hospital with had grown up and flown over to my gym to see me.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Harajuku Yosakoi Fetival

This is another way of killing time at the red light...

This is my dog Tyson !

I tried to shoot a bilingual episode for my blog, but I was kind of distracted when Tyson started trying to eat my turtles...


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back teaching in my gym

I kinda missed my entry yesterday but that was because I was real busy
both trying to set up some small buisness, that I have trying to
establish. And also because I was doing my rehab. Rehab has been
turning into training lately and I am actually sore from the weights I
lifted the other day! My calf are sore from running in the pool but
it is a good kind of pain that I have missed for the last many months.
Once I am up and about I can work around the soreness and get on with
the daily workout. I am just about to go down to the local gym and
work out now!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nicholas Pettas reporting after workout

I just realized that I had gained way too much weight over the last 3 weeks and although I have been doing my rehab it has been hard not to gain some. So I decided to start doing 2 work outs a day, and given the right amount of time that should do the job. But it is a lot of going back and forth from the house to pool to the gym, at least it is still really nice riding weather, not like the other day when I got caught in a mini typhoon!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nicholas Pettas 3 weeks after recovery !

I was thinking that I might tell you about how my leg is getting along, it is getting along! :) I am going to the pool everyday and although I am able to even run inside the water now, once I get out I have some minor inflamation in my abductor so it is still hard to stabilize the movements. But I can tell that I am regaining a lot of the lost muscle mass and things are getting better. Sometimes I just get frustrated and just want to start running, but that is just because I tend to forget that it was just 3 weeks ago that I went under surgery. So everything considered I guess that I am making awesome progress, I riding my bicycle and going to the pool and swimming, running inside the water, watching movies...ups that had nothing to do with it. I would like the pain in my abductor to go away, because that would make it a lot easier to walk up the stairs etc. But everything in its own time, at least I a living an almost normal life!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mini Typhoon in Tokyo !

I was on my way to Tokyo Station when suddenly it came out from no where!!! It was unreal, within 3 min. I was soaked to the bone and although I was on my way to a very important talk show when it happened, but luckily I was able to get there in time. I had to drive home and change both car and clothes, in order to make my way up to Kooriyama. The funny part is that on my way to Tokyo St. in my car, it turned into a bright sunshiny day???

Monday, August 24, 2009

Baseball Part 2

They even have fireworks during the game these days ! It was awsome !

Baseball Part 2

Basebal Giants Vs. Swallows !

I can't remember how long it was since I went to see a game of baseball, but it was a lot of fun. And I might make this into a regular thing!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Velo Force Mark Ginther

This video shows it all, Mark Ginther was my trainer for the last 5 years of my career and his methods are incredible. Short super intense workouts designed for one purpose of just getting stronger and faster than anyone else out there!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

This does not mean...

This does not mean that I actually fixed the problem on my account, it just means that I uploaded it to a different one and then pasted it here??? I wonder what is wrong with my other account???

Friday, August 21, 2009

Still no bug fix

I can't believe it, I still have not heard from them and I still am not able to upload any video's to Youtube from my phone. I can log in using Safari and do just about anything but upload...They told me they were going to call me back but I have not heard from them since yesterday? So I guess that they are still trying to figure out what kind of bug is wrong with their system. There is something wrong that is for sure, because I have not been able to log in since Monday now...


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another IPhone problem

I am sitting here in front of my Iphone waiting to get a response from the guy on the other end of the line, I have not been able to upload my video's like I have done until now??? Suddenly one day I just couldn't send any more video's, and now I have spent the last half hour on trying different variations of how to log on???

But even with the assistance of a dude on the wire I can't do it??? Man, this is frustrating!



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mr.Bike Interview !

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nicholas Pettas on his way to Fukushima

Today I got up early and finished my rehab, then I had to meet up with
my friend because we were going up to Fukushima for some buisness. We
ended up spending 6 hours driving back and forth for a meeting that
lasted about half an hour!!!

But like the Chinese say: preparation for a job that takes one hour
takes 1000 hours !

So there is still a lot more to go before we actually land this deal,
but at least we put in some serious hours today!

I think I might go to the pool this evening, should be good for my hip!

Monday, August 17, 2009


This is how you light up the BBQ !

Simple and fast way to get it going, from here on it is just getting the meat ready and then digging in! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is the place for one of my projects, I am producing a new Martial Arts Gym in Utsunomiya! The place is HUGE ! probably the biggest gym in Japan...It is not open yet, but we are getting ready to open up by the beginning of September! I will keep you all informed about the project as we move along!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Goodbye my friend...



I had to say goodbye to my little friend, we spent 2 weeks in the hospital together and he followed me all the way home. But that was the end of the ride, I had to let him out in the open. So I released him in a tree in front of our house...I hope you grow into a great butterfly or something like that?

Friday, August 14, 2009

last video from the hospital !

Finally geting out of here

This is going to be last entry I will be writing from my hospital, I am getting out of here in a couple of hours. Yesterday they took out the stitches, and I am officially a human cyborg. I feel like one, walking is still painful but, I am able to move around the hospital much more freely than just a few days before. Last time I spoke to my Doctor he told me that no matter how painful I should start to walk without the cane, and since then I have not used it. But I have been wanting it for every step I am taking, because although I can walk without it. It feel so much more stable with it and I feel that I have a lot more control. But it is the loss of control that I need to regain in the left leg that has been operated on. Staying here in the hospital is like being in a very protected environment, and I am able to calculate everything. I know how far it is to the rehab center or toilet, and walking is done in short bursts. The real challenge will come when I get out of here and don't know how far I got to go in a any given situation. Once you are hurt you realize how much you actually walk during a day you might think you are not walking much. But this is all part of the process that I have been through before so I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and all I can really do is just push on forward and work towards the full recovery. I see myself running in my mind, and that is a goal not too far away, so that is going to be the first of many goals on the way! Wow, this entry got real long, I hope you didn't get bored reading it...:)

今日は病院からの最後の日記エントリーです、この後は最後のリハビリに行った後に部屋をきれいにしてから帰る!やっと自分のベッドで寝れる。。。今回は自分の枕は持ってきたけど、まくらはベッドと違う。まくらはただのおまけでした、やっぱり家にあるテンピュールマットレスは恋しいです。だいぶ歩けるようになっているけど、病院内ではトイレまでの距離やリハビリセンターまでの道は頭の中で分かっていて、頑張って歩くんですが。本当のリハビリは家に帰ってから始まる、社会人として復活すると以外に歩いていないな~と思っている日はかなり歩きます。そこでは本当の頑張りが始まるけど、自分はリハビリ初めてじゃないから大体分かっています。しかも、分かったいるからこぞ、トンネルの向こうに気持ち良く走っているニコラスが待っているので頑張りたいです。今日はなぜかたくさん書きました、つまらなかったら。。。ごめんね! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Belgian Friends in my Hospital !

I don't think I showed you this one yet, Koen Sensei and Bart Kuppens came and visited me at the hospital, and they had brought this really cool looking frame full of pictures from the Danish Summer camp. It was awesome times and great memories, it was even better to actually seen them both here in Japan. There is also a little thing about the little worm in my plant in my room.It has gone from one flower to the next just eating relentlessly without thinking about what it going to happen to the next flower, but now that we have spent a week together here in the Hospital this little fellow has a special spot in my heart !

The last video is of me doing rehab on my bicycle...Nice view !

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lot's of friends !

Yesterday I actually had friends coming in all day, it was great I am in hospital and I was busy meeting friends! The best of them were Spitaels Koen and Bart Kuppens from Belgium. They are here to fight in some Karate tournament in Fukuoka, and still made time to come and see me. It was amazing, then Sherif and Sawano-san showed up on their bikes and we all got exited about it!

This is Sherif on my Monster bike on the weekend in Sendai, it rained and the race got cancelled, but that was not holding him back from doing some Burn outs!

S.P.Works !

昨日朝から晩まで友達たくさん来ました、何だかリハビリと友達で何と忙しかったです!ベルギーから友達も来ました、一度病院を間違えてきたので、僕の部屋につくまで4時間かかったらしいです!本当にお疲れさまでした。それから S.P.Worksのシェリフさんと沢野さんがバイクで来てくれて、本当に盛り上がりました。外に行ってバイクの話で熱くなっていたよ。。。

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feeling like I am in the Amazonhouse

I felt like I was inside a zoo or something, so I kind of made a joke out of it in Japanese. Yesterday proved to be a hard day. I bicycled for 15 min. at what I would consider normal speed. I actually sweat'd quite a bit and it felt great to take a shower and clean up after a god work out. Today my assigned rehab doctor is on leave and I am meeting up with some other Doctor that is going to take me through the daily routine. But I am starting to feel that I might be able to push myself in ways that only I would know since it is my body. Obviously they know what to do with elderly people coming out of this surgery, but I am after all still a professional athlete. And have a much more intimate relationship with my body, so I know where to push and where not to. I have been improving on all the exercises and adding new ones that the Doctors here have never seen. So I guess that is adding to my fast recovery, I mean when I got up on the bike they were like? Are you sure you should be doing that? And I was like? Are you sure you should have me do other stuff that is way out of my league? So I have been able to find the middle ground and feel that the last couple of days have been very productive. I am hoping to get out of here on Friday and then hopefully soon I will be able to resume a normal life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

On my way to the Rehab!

It takes a while to start walking after having sat down for a while, but once I get going the pain kind of goes away. I am not supposed to film down here, so I kind of cut the video off before I get to the main point. But if you watched the small clip of me walking that I up loaded yesterday then, you can see what it looks like inside the rehab center. I have another 5 days left here, then I think I am checking out because I got some boys fighting up in Utsunomiya this Saturday. Although I am feeling a bit apprehensive about getting out in the real world, my doctors feel confident that I am ready for it. But today a Typhoon swept in over Tokyo and let me just say that I would not want to be walking around out there...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday in a hospital

Feels like a Sunday just about anywhere else, I mean what is it about Sundays? It is like your whole life you are told to just chill on Sundays, so I like to just sleep in and try and do as little as possible. I still got woken up at 6:00 but stayed in bed until breakfast came in around 7:40. After that I have just been chatting on the computer, I only have on rehab session today and it is in the afternoon at 15:00. So I got lots of time to kill, unless friends start showing up like yesterday?


Saturday, August 08, 2009

One Week in here now!

After 7 days here things are going really well. Today I was really busy with all the friends that showed up and the rehab.

A week

It has been a week since I got here, and there has been lot going on since then. The rehab is almost militant, and I am making progress everyday.At first the results where suttle but the last two days I have made huge leaps. I am almost scared that I might be pushing it too hard, so I am going to take it a bit easy today. Try and not go too much over the edge, it is just in my blood. When I work out regardless if it is a rehab work out then I want to be able to push myself each step at the time. It has been almost a year since I have had something to work for and it is a great feeling just working towards some goal. My goal is to be able to walk out of here next week, get up on my bike and ride home! I think it is possible as long as I don't do anything stupid. When I broke my shin back in 2002 I spent 10 months recovering and had finally gotten able to kick the bag, when I started sparring and broke it again! after that it took me another year before I had the bolts taken out. So I have been there before, doing something out of place and paying the price. I don't want to go there again.


Friday, August 07, 2009

6day reel

5th. day in hospital

It has been 3 days since the operation and I just graduated from the wheel chair. I am not sure if the pace is up to the standards of my own mind, but I am doing it. Although the pain is almost unbearable we all still push through and make it happen. I can actually feel slightly differences on a daily basis, it might be small things like getting in and out of my bed. It has become a lot easier, or putting on my training pants for the workout sessions, the pain is slowly fading and in its wake it is leaving a mark like an after burn. I wish I could get rid of the muscle soreness from having all my thigh muscles pulled out the way in order to expose the Themur, but that is probably going to take some more time.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Forgot this one!

I actually forgot to upload this one, it was just before! like literally 3 min. before they came and called me into surgery. My family showed up just in time, and that always makes you feel good. We all work on our own timing and tempo, but this time they were really cutting the edge close! Like they say better late than never, they saw me get out of the surgery but I was seriously drugged up and didn't know what was going on, so it was hard to tell what was going on during those hours.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Curry Rice Lunch

Todaya lunch was Curry rice ! Love Japanese Curry rice, it is very different from Indian curry but still really good.

I guess it is wednesday today

I has been less than 48 hours from the operation and I am feeling really tired and sore. I was made to walk yesterday, but seriously didn't feel like it. I think they are afraid of atrophy, so they have to move it as soon as possible. I am not going to lie about it, because it hurts like hell and it leaves you with a fever. I ended up sleeping from around 8:30 last night till this morning at 7:00 and then I have been going back and forth to the toilet all morning, in between just sleeping again. It has taken a lot more energy out of me than I had expected, but the more I think about what they actually did, then I guess that is to be expected. If I can just get through the next few days I should be feeling a whole better and then also be more mobile. right now I spend most of the time in my bed either sitting up or lying down, and they both hurt on my lower back...


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

done with the operation

Let me just tell you that this hurts a lot more than I had first expected it to...I guess I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. But now that is over there is only one thing to do, and that is to take it one minute at a time. I was about to say one step at a time, but that wont be happening until this afternoon. And I am not looking forward to that, it hurts like hell just moving the leg and inch right now, so imagine trying to walk on it...

Monday, August 03, 2009

a few hours to go now !


Operation day!

It is about 7:53 in the morning now and I got woken up earlier to have my blood pressure and temperature taken. Now I am just sitting here in my room looking out at the rain forest right outside my room, knowing that this afternoon I will need all my will power and energy to get through this operation. Now the good news is that I will be knocked out during the whole procedure so when I wake up it will all be over! It is a bit like getting ready for a big fight, I had to go to bed early and staying away from my house I am away from the family. So now comes the waiting time, it is going to be one boring day until I get called in. I am third guy in line so it wont be until around 15:00 or so that they call me in, at about that time I will just be wishing for it to all be over. I am not allowed to eat anything since last night at around 21:00, and probably wont get anything until tomorrow morning...It is going to be a long day, but if I stay awake the most of the time it should make it easier to sleep tonight and that will be a blessing.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

English report from Hospital !


Forgot my pillow

I was on my way into the hospital and forgot my pillow...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hospital room !

This is how it looks inside the room I will be staying in at the hospital. I thought it a real nice room, and feel good about the atmosphere. They are the best doctors in Japan for this procedure and I feel very secure with the nurses, I am having a real good feeling about the whole thing. I am sure I will come out on the winning side!


I am getting admidtted to the hospital today, going to spend the next two weeks in there because I am having my hip replaced. I am not looking forward to this operation, but it should make me able to overcome all the pain and trauma that I have been living with for the last couple of years. And let me just say that I am seriously sick of that pain, and seriously tired of not being able to work out. By Monday afternoon it will all be over and I should be on my way to recovering. So stay tuned as I keep you updated about the whole procedure.